Remembering History: Sammamish River/Slough Boat Races (1933-1976)

Public Lecture, Classic Boat Show and Workshop

Sunday, April 7th  Noon – 4:00 pm

Kenmore City Hall, 18120 68th Ave NE


Untitled, A Gaul Culley, 2013, Photo courtesy of the artist

Untitled, A Gaul Culley, 2013, Photo courtesy of the artist

Kenmore-based artist A Gaul Culley has created a visually and historically rich community engagement project for the cities of Kenmore and Bothell. Her research revives memories of the nearly forgotten Sammamish River/Slough Boat Races that occurred along the dramatically twisting Sammamish River between the years of 1933 and 1976. Creating artworks that focus on the spectators and uncovering vintage footage filmed at the races, Cully’s efforts will be on display at an inter-city celebration taking place a Kenmore City Hall on Sunday, April 7th

4Culture recognizes the significance of A Gaul Culley’s project with an invitation to present a condensed version in 4Culture’s storefront arcade space during the month of March through early April.


The public is cordially invited to join the artist at Kenmore City Hall on Sunday, April 7th from noon to 4:00 PM for a public lecture, classic boat show and an origami boat building workshop. Kenmore City Hall is located at 18120 68th Ave NE.


My art practice focuses on the interconnection of identity and place. It is articulated through media that includes: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and public art. Over the last three months I’ve used my creative process to help establish an annual inter-city community engagement event that celebrates the builders of our communities, and the value of the Sammamish River to the cities of Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville and Redmond. This first celebration focuses on the theme of Sammamish River recreation. The painted wall rendering depicts the Sammamish River whose meandering character pre-dates the dredging of the river by the Army Corp of Engineers in the late 1960s. The ink diptych titled, The Winners and The Innovators, reestablishes a visual narrative for the Sammamish River Slough Boat Races; in a second phase, these images will be translated into permanent etched glass murals to be sited along the Sammamish River to commemorate this historic event.

Through this process I’ve collaborated with the city officials and historical/heritage societies of Kenmore, Bothell and Redmond. This project has been supported by the Site-Specific program of 4Culture, the Seattle Outboard Association, the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum, The Center for Wooden Boats, as well as local businesses that include Woodshed Embroidery, Jet City Printing, and Armfield Painting, to name a few.

A Gaul Culley earned an MFA degree from San Francisco State University in 2012 with an emphasis in printmaking.