Yr (For seasons), Video Still ©2012 Thom Heileson, Photo: Courtesy of the artist

4Culture is pleased to welcome Thom Heileson back to e4c beginning in April. Heileson was one of the first artists select for e4c in 2008. His new video, Yr (For seasons) will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

Yr (For seasons) is a collaged and layered digital composite made from multiple photographs documenting one year’s time outside the artist’s previous home in Washington, DC. In each moment in the video, different portions of imagery from different times of the year are collaged and layered. Here the piece is temporally staggered in equal quarters, so that four different mixtures from the different months of the year may be viewed simultaneously. A meditation on time, place, and change, the piece explores a certain mode of seeing a year’s passing – and the shifting of the seasons – through ‘scrambling’ the timespan’s pictorial ingredients.

Heileson is a Seattle-based artist working with photography, video, and digital media. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally at venues including the Henry Art Gallery and Tacoma Art Museum. Heileson received his MFA at University of Washington, and a BFA at University of Oregon.

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