Maximum Discoverability with a New App

4Culture Map4Culture is pleased to announce Map 4Culture, a NEW web-based app that highlights King County’s unique, quirky, and often unexpected cultural treasures through one convenient app, available across platforms and on multiple devices. (In other words, you can access the map from your smartphone, tablet or on your desktop/laptop computer.) Map 4Culture features over 120 historic sites and public art pieces poised for maximum discoverability all across the county. By combining our popular Destination Heritage (DH) sites with Public Art (PA) sites, this app allows visitors to discover pockets of cultural goodies based on historical themes, personal interests or just what happens to be nearby.

Map 4Culture allows users to easily navigate from site to nearby site, say from Snoqualmie Falls, a DH Industry site, to nearby Meadowbrook Farm, a 460 acres DH Agriculture site that offers plenty of space for the kiddos to tromp around and explore. The app also allows users to select an array of sites within themes by selecting certain layers. While in the same area, if a user selects just the PA sites, for example, two nearby truss bridges with beautiful contemporary artworks incorporated into their structures appear on the map.

© Bruce Myers, Guardians, 2006, Bronze, Meadowbrook Bridge, King County Public Art Collection, Photo by YaM Studio

© Bruce Myers, Guardians, 2006, Bronze, Meadowbrook Bridge, King County Public Art Collection, Photo by YaM Studio

The Meadowbrook Bridge features artist Bruce Myers’ contemporary cast bronze panels, showing delicate tracery of fir and cedar trees harking back to the history of logging and lumber mills in the region. And to the south, Mt Si Bridge boasts a striking barn red and spring green color scheme, cast bronze gusset ornamentation, decorative rails and mass plantings of red twig dogwood designed by artist Cris Bruch. Contemporary art works and heritage sites all in one convenient app, give users over a hundred distinctive sites to choose from.

Each featured site includes locational information, a rich history of the site or detailed information about the artwork and artist, additional audio stories (for select sites), social sharing options and helpful information about other things “to do in the area.” Whether visitors want to spend days exploring different corners of the county, like the Upper Snoqualmie Valley, or weeks exploring ALL of King County by theme, Map 4Culture has something of interest for everyone.

4Culture MapDon’t forget, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still access the full map and features on your other devices. Enjoy!


Post updated October 8, 2013.