4Culture is pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s Arts Projects program, which seeks to enhance the cultural life of King County citizens and visitors by funding arts projects in all creative disciplines including music, media, dance, theater, literature and visual art. Artists, as well as arts, heritage, municipal and community groups rooted in King County are eligible to apply. (Scroll down on the Arts Projects page for a list of recipients.)


Garreth Schuh, Absolution Muckup, Oil on Plywood, 32”x40” © 2013 Courtesy of No Boundaries 2014: Peripheral Visions Project Director, Shariana Mundi

Garreth Schuh, Absolution Muckup, Oil on Plywood, 32”x40” © 2013 Courtesy of No Boundaries 2014: Peripheral Visions Project Director, Shariana Mundi


Here are the numbers: Arts Projects: Individuals received 267 eligible applications and Art Projects: Groups received 109 eligible applications, giving us a total of 376 applications to be considered for funding. The panelists recommended 84 artists and 64 groups receive grants in the amount of $1,500; $3,500; $5,500 or $7,500 for a total of $560,000 to support 152 art projects to be presented in King County, over the next 18 months.

We know grantwriting can be challenging and stressful. 4Culture staff takes pride providing new and returning applicants, with great customer assistance and support throughout our application process.  In January and February, staff held Application Workshops to help people create competitive applications. These workshops were conducted in communities throughout King County including Lake Forest Park, Fall City, Black Diamond, Des Moines, Bellevue and Seattle. Applicants were also free to contact staff via phone or email to receive step-by-step guidance through the application process including technical support, draft review, tips and language or computer support. In addition, access to on-line video guidance was available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on our website.

Following the March 6, 2014 deadline, peer panels were held the first three weeks in May. Applications were organized by discipline but funds are not allocated by discipline categories. Peer-panels are comprised of artists and arts workers from throughout King County, who have expertise in one or more artistic discipline. 4Culture staff facilitated several peer-panel session to review of all eligible applications.

In 2014, the selection criteria used to evaluate Art Projects applications changed. Peer-panels selected and recommended the most highly qualified projects for funding based on our Core and Choice Criteria. Core Criteria is used by the peer-panel to evaluate all Art Projects applications and the applicants were asked to select one (1) Choice Criterion that was also used to evaluate their application.

Every application was evaluated using the following Core Criteria:

  • Art is a primary component of the project
  • Applicant demonstrates the experience to accomplish the scope and scale of the project
  • The project budget is feasible and the request to 4Culture is appropriate
  • One or more compelling, feasible public events in King County is clearly described.

 Every applicant selected one of the following Choice Criterion to be used to evaluate their application:

  • Artistic Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Sustained Value

Additionally, panelists considered geographic diversity of both the applicant’s residence and proposed project location within King County.

Our 2014 panelists read through more than 1,500 pages of project proposals and more than 500 manuscript pages; nearly 400 audio and video samples more than 1,200 images.

2014 Art Projects Peer-Review Selection Panelists

© 2012 Martin Olynyk, Natural Galaxy, Photograhic Artworks on Bus Shelters. Photo Courtesy of Youth In Focus, Photo Center NW, Metro Facilities & the Metro Bus Shelter Mural Project.

© 2012 Martin Olynyk, Natural Galaxy. Photo Courtesy of Youth In Focus, Photo Center NW, Metro Facilities & the Metro Bus Shelter Mural Project

  • Alan Bryce
  • Katherine Grace Bond
  • Eduardo Calderón
  • Robert Campbell
  • Valerie Curtis-Newton
  • Craig Downing
  • Randi Ganulin
  • Miguel Guillén
  • Iyun Ashani Harrison
  • Llysa Holland
  • Gina Kallman
  • Denise Calvetti Michaels
  • Oleg Ruvinov
  • Latha P. Sambamurti
  • Mitch Shepherd
  • Maya Soto
  • Naomi Wachira
  • Cynthia White
  • Hollis Wong-Wear



The composition of the panel changes each year and as such, they make very different choices. We hope this encourages applicants who were not selected this year to apply again. We also encourage all applicants to seek out other opportunities inside and outside of 4Cutlure.

We welcome artists and groups to check out our current Opportunities list often. This offers a great selection of funding and presentation resources. Other possibilities including: Gallery4Culture, e4c, Site Specific and our Touring Arts Roster, as well as, networking activities by Artists Up are available throughout the year.

We are grateful to all of our panelists and applicants this year. We are thankful for the dedication and commitment to our region’s art community. From Federal Way to Skykomish, we look forward to experiencing the extraordinary 152 new art projects, created by and for citizens of King County. We hope you will too!