TAR Artists at Folklife (photos courtesy or artists)

TAR Artists at 2015 Folklife (photos courtesy or artists)

4Culture’s Touring Arts Roster boasts nearly 200 talented individual artists and groups from throughout King County who present fantastic performances from almost every discipline. If you’re taking in Northwest Folklife Festival this weekend, you are bound to be seeing them. We recommend you seek them out!

Here’s a schedule to map your way:

Friday 5/22
 11:10AM Paul ‘Che oke ten’ Wagner Fisher Green Stage
 11:30AM Mariide (w/Folklore Society Song Circle) Cornish Playhouse Courtyard
 1:00PM Bonnie Birch Discovery Zone Stage
 2:00PM Paul ‘Che oke ten’ Wagner Discovery Zone Stage
 3:10PM Lonely Coast Folklife Café
 5:00PM Eva Abram Folklife Café
 7:35PM Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons Trad Stage
 7:45PM Global Heat Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
9:00PM Suntonio Bandanaz (featured with Julie C.) Vera Project
Saturday 5/23
11:00AM Dunava Bagley Wright Theatre
11:00AM Mary Sherhart (featured in Bulgarian Showcases) Bagley Wright Theater
3:05PM Pickled Okra Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
3:30PM Mariide Trad Stage
4:00PM Te Fare O Tamatoa Cornish Playhouse
4:35PM George Sadak Ex Hall International Dance Stage
6:00PM Mary Sherhart (Tazi Baba/This Grandma) SIFF Film Center
7:55PM Vela Luka Croatian Dance Ensemble Ex Hall International Dance Stage
Sunday 5/24
11:00AM Gansango Music & Dance Armory Center Stage
11:40AM The Tarantellas Folklife Café
12:00PM Christian Swenson w/Medicine Truck Intiman “participatory” stage
12:20PM Anzanga Marimba Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
2:35PM Rouge Folklife Café
3:15PM Bailadores de Bronce
Ex Hall International Dance Stage
3:40PM Northwest Tap Connection Cornish Playhouse
4:00PM VamoLá Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
5:00PM Show Brazil! Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
6:00PM Smilin’ Scandinavians Armory Stage
7:00PM Helene Erickson’s – ANAR DANA Ex Hall International Dance Stage
9:00PM Valse Café Orchestra Fisher Pavilion
9:20PM Supersones Xfinity Mural Amphitheatre
Monday 5/25
11:00AM WHOZYAMAMA Armory Center Stage
11:00AM Maggie Bennett Discovery Zone Stage
11:45AM Brian Vogan and His Good Buddies Fountain Lawn Stage
12:00PM Sound of the Northwest w/ Juan Huey-Ray Cornish Playhouse Courtyard
2:30PM Joy Mills Band Vera Project
3:30PM Juliana & PAVA Fisher Green Stage