© Katy Stone, willowcloudwavescape, 2009. King County Public Art Collection, photo by Lara Swimmer

© Katy Stone, willowcloudwavescape, 2009. King County Public Art Collection, photo by Lara Swimmer

Whether arriving home, changing planes, or setting off on an international adventure, the Port of Seattle Art Program wants travelers at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to feel a distinctly Northwest sense of place. We’re teaming up with the Port to find two artists or artist teams to help with that goal, by creating site-specific artwork for two highly visible walls in the Airport’s North Satellite Terminal renovation.

Rendering of  Concourse C Ticketing Wall (41’5”H X 152’6”W)

Rendering of Wall 2: Concourse C Ticketing Wall (41’5”H X 152’6”W)

The two walls each sit at locations that have the potential to set the tone for a traveler’s entire experience at Sea-Tac Airport.

The first wall, located between a set of escalators, runs vertically from the North Satellite Transit Station, where passenger trains run between flight gates, and up to Concourse C, visually connecting the two levels. The second wall spans an entire side of the Concourse, and its artwork will be visible to all passengers as they walk in.

What does it mean for something – or somewhere – to feel like the Northwest? To help guide the development of the terminal and its artwork, the Port of Seattle team brainstormed a collection of words that speak to the intangible qualities that make our region distinct:

Adventure, biophilic, curiosity, experience, experimentation, and exploration, frontier of possibility, innovation, risk-taking.

As you get ready to apply, we ask artists to consider these descriptors. Eventually, the selected artists will work with the Port design team to integrate their artwork into the overall building design, and create continuity within the terminal.

This opportunity is open to professional artists living in the United States and Canada. The budget for the project is $300,000 – $500,000. Please review the full Call for Artists before applying. All application materials must be submitted online by Thursday, October 1, 2015 by 5:00 pm PST. Questions? Contact Tamar Benzikry at tamar.benzikry@4culture.org or 206-263-1617.