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Photo courtesy of Teen Tix, by John Ulman.

What’s better than an unrestricted operating grant? Two unrestricted operating grants! That’s what organizations that receive Arts Sustained Support get—two grants over two years. And the second year of the 2015-2016 biennium is upon us, meaning that 269 arts organizations and 22 Local Arts Agencies will be receiving the same award in 2016 as they did in 2015.

This includes cultural institutions like Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle Art Museum, and Village Theatre; established mid-level organizations like Seattle Arts & Lectures, Spectrum Dance Theater, and On the Boards; crucial service organizations like Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences, SEEDArts, and Washington Lawyers for the Arts; artistic hubs like Velocity Dance Center, Richard Hugo House, and Northwest Film Forum; youth arts organizations like The Vera Project, Northwest Girlchoir, Youth Theatre Northwest, and TeenTix; celebrated festival producers like Earshot Jazz Society, Wintergrass, and Seattle International Film Festival; scrappy but impactful organizations like Annex Theatre, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas, and Hollow Earth Radio; and myriad organizations from across King County, including Camlann Medieval Association in Carnation, Arts Alive! in Enumclaw, Dandylyon Drama in Lake Forest Park, Arts of Kenmore, and the Auburn Symphony Orchestra. That’s only a handful of the theaters, symphonies, galleries, choruses, dance troupes, film festivals, and so many other organizations who receive a modest but dependable award each year. Arts Sustained Support is 4Culture’s largest funding program, both in the number of recipients and the total funding ($1.75 million).

4Culture is pleased to announce that, thanks to a gradually improving economy and the Pacific Northwest’s robust tourism, the 2016 Sustained Support awards will be the same as they were in 2015.

And: 4Culture is doubly pleased to announce that the process of claiming these awards has just been simplified with our new online invoicing system. (This sort of thing may not quicken the pulse of the average citizen, but for those of us who navigate grant bureaucracies – funders and applicants – the promise of simplification is downright thrilling.) After some rigorous self-examination, we have streamlined our invoicing to only the information we absolutely need. If you’re an Arts Sustained Support recipient, go here for more info or directly to apply.4culture.org to register and get underway!