Heritage Projects
Deadline: passed  
Brian J. Carter 206 263.1586
Crew of Alma at Fishermen's Terminal, Seattle ca. 1940, courtesy of Jim Bergquist and Deep Sea Fishermen's Union of the Pacific

Launch poster for LGBTQ Activism in Seattle History Project
2015 Heritage Special Projects recipient © 2016, courtesy of Kevin McKenna

4Culture's Heritage Projects funding program promotes the identification, documentation, exhibition and interpretation of historic and cultural materials pertaining to the heritage of King County, Washington. Awardees of this program have produced outstanding publications, oral histories, exhibits, documentaries and curriculum.

In recognition of the sesquicentennial of Edward S. Curtis’s birth, cultural organizations around the region will host exhibits and events in 2018 that promote serious dialogue around the complex cultural issues surfaced by the life, work, and legacy of the Seattle-based photographer and ethnographer. For collaborative and promotional purposes, this programming is being unified under the project title Curtis 2018: North American Indians & Edward S. Curtis. This year, we encourage applicants to consider developing projects that explore, interpret, and share local stories and themes related to this topic in 2018.

In 2016, thirty-six projects were awarded funding, totaling $230,687 in support for Heritage projects throughout King County. Awards typically range from $1,000 to $10,000. Funding for this program is derived from a portion of King County lodging tax revenues.

Note: Proposals for projects that focus on the maintenance and conservation of historical collections should be submitted to 4Culture's Heritage Collections Care program.

Guidelines and Process for 2017 Program Below  |  Deadline: passed

Who Can Apply

Organizations and individuals may submit one application to the 2017 Heritage Projects program.

Eligible Applicants Must:

  • Be a resident of King County at the time of application, through completion of the proposed project
  • Be at least 18 years of age or older at the time of application (funding received through this program is reported as taxable income), OR
  • Be an organization, community group, or public agency (other than K-12 schools) based in King County, whose core mission is dedicated to heritage programming, education, and activities

Eligible Projects Must:

  • Focus primarily on the identification, documentation, exhibition and/or interpretation of King County heritage resources
  • Address at least one of the following heritage disciplines, as they relate specifically to King County's past: indigenous and traditional cultures; ethnic, community, or regional history and heritage; or folklore
  • Serve and be accessible to King County residents and visitors
  • Provide opportunities for youth, special populations, underserved communities, and/or multicultural audiences

What Gets Funded

Requested Funds May be Used to:

Produce heritage resources, including, but not limited to:
  • Books, guides and brochures that interpret heritage themes and historic resources
  • Research projects that document heritage resources or develop information access aids
  • Digital projects that highlight an aspect of King County history through oral, visual and/or audio recordings
  • Research and design of new, temporary, and traveling museum exhibits and programs
  • Education curriculum addressing local heritage themes, content, skills, and resources
Produce special events and programs that will highlight the region's history and heritage resources, including, but not limited to:
  • Conferences, workshops or public programs which provide technical assistance, apprenticeship or training opportunities, and have significant local content
  • Historic walking, cycling or driving tours
  • Public participatory events such as field schools, heritage skills demonstrations, and other programs
  • Programs which facilitate collaboration between heritage organizations
  • SPECIAL THIS YEAR: proposals that gather, interpret, educate and share local stories related to Curtis 2018: North American Indians & Edward S. Curtis.
Provide opportunities for youth, special populations, underserved communities, and multicultural audiences to work firsthand with heritage resources, including, but not limited to:
  • Internships and training programs
  • Participatory and public educational programs
Eligible Costs Include:
  • Fees for professional consultants, heritage specialists or compensation for trainees
  • Materials and consumable supplies used for program purposes
  • Direct project costs, which may include transportation and documentation

This Program Does Not Fund:

  • Major equipment purchases, construction or fabrication projects (4Culture has separate funding programs for these)
  • General operating support, indirect or overhead costs and fees, employee benefits or any regular staff salaries (4Culture has a separate funding program for these)
  • Elements of projects completed before the award of funds, May 10, 2017
  • Services for events in which fundraising is a primary purpose
  • Direct marketing or advertising costs
  • Applications from religious institutions
  • Applications from K-12 schools (NOTE: K-12 Schools may not apply directly, but an eligible applicant may partner with one to develop a project proposal.)
  • Projects addressing cultural or historical themes which lack a specific focus on King County's history and heritage
  • Support for services and programs to be provided by the King County Landmarks Commission for land use regulation and archaeological resource management purposes as described in K.C.C. chapter 20.62 (King County Code 4.42.125H)

Need further clarification on some of the language we use? View our glossary of terms


2017 Application Deadline: March 8, 2017 5pm PST

Projects or portions thereof that are funded through 4Culture's 2017 Heritage Projects may begin no earlier than the award date, May 10, 2017. Funded projects must be completed within 18 months of the award date.


Applications to the Heritage Projects program are first reviewed by staff for required content. Then, an independent peer review panel, composed of heritage specialists, museum professionals, and other community representatives, meet to evaluate the applications. The panel will select and recommend the most highly qualified projects for funding based on the following criteria:

Quality and Qualifications

  • Clarity of proposed project description, including overall project goals, timeline, and historical significance, thoroughness and completeness of responses, and quality of writing and editing
  • Quality of proposed project, including its alignment with professional standards, best practices, and methodologies for ensuring historical accuracy
  • Experience and qualifications of applicant and project personnel in historical methodologies and heritage technical fields
  • Relationship of proposed project to the mission and goals of applicant, to existing scholarship, and to existing or needed resources


  • Applicant's preparedness to develop, administer, and complete proposed project within 18 months
  • Appropriateness of overall budget and request, including applicant's ability to raise additional funding from private or other public agencies
  • Ability of the applicant to undertake the project on a reimbursement basis

Project Impact and Public Benefit

  • Project's contribution to the development of the historical record in King County
  • Project's potential to raise the visibility of heritage interpretation
  • Project's ability to increase public access to heritage resources and programs, as well as outreach efforts to diverse populations
  • Project's ability to generate broad and/or lasting public benefit

Heritage Priorities

  • Projects which contribute to identification and documentation of endangered heritage resources
  • Projects which address interpretation and exhibition of neglected aspects of King County heritage such as those defined by theme, ethnicity, or geography
  • Projects providing opportunities for youth, underserved communities, and/or multicultural audiences

Questions about your proposal or its eligibility? Contact Brian J. Carter at 206 263.1586.

Funding from 4Culture programs is awarded on a competitive basis. Opportunities are available to help applicants prepare good applications:

  • Attend a workshop
  • Schedule an appointment with staff to discuss your application, and/or review applications from previous years at 4Culture offices.
  • Preview application narrative questions prior to applying.

Requirements and appeals

Learn about the legal requirements of award recipients, and the process for appealing a 4Culture award here.

Ready to Apply

How to prepare your application 

STEP 1 - Read all of the above sections
STEP 2 - Gather and prepare your information and support materials

You are required to submit your proposal using 4Culture’s online application. The online application will include narrative questions and a project budget, you must complete both in order for your application to be submitted to the panel for review. Please answer all narrative questions as thoroughly and completely as possible. Please complete the project budget to the best of your ability, noting amounts of all expenses and income associated with the project proposal.

Support Materials

Consultant Estimate (Required if applicable)
Submit one or more written estimates in the “Consultant Estimate” section, if your project will involve hiring a consultant historian, archivist, or other professional.
Images (Optional)
You may submit up to 3 digital images in the “Optional Support Material” section of the online application. Accepted file types are .jpg and .gif. Do not upload .pdf or .tiff images.
Note: The online application system will not allow uploads of individual files larger than 2 megabytes.
Miscellaneous (Optional)
In addition to your application, you may provide letters of support, drawings or maps, copies of media coverage, a writing sample (no more than 10 pages total/12 pt. font), studies or reports to help illustrate your proposal. Optional support materials may be uploaded within the online application. We will not accept any printed materials, and you many not upload more than there is space available.

Application materials will not be accepted by email or after the deadline.

STEP 3 - Sign in to begin your application

Access the application by signing in at apply.4culture.org

Once you have started the process of applying online, you can save your work, sign out, and return at any time before the deadline to make changes. Once you submit, you will no longer be able to edit your application, but will still be able to view, save and print it.

This funding opportunity is currently closed. We will reopen the application for this opportunity at least 6 weeks before the next deadline.

Scheduled Workshops

All applicants are encouraged to attend a workshop prior to submitting your application. These free workshops provide you an opportunity to ask questions, understand specific guidelines, and be taken through a step-by-step review of the application process.


City Location Dates Time
Seattle 4Culture Offices February 2
February 15, 28
5-6pm + 6-7pm*
Noon - 1pm
  Nordic Heritage Museum, 3014 NW 67th Street January 31 1pm - 2pm
Bothell Bothell Library, 18215 98th Avenue NE January 18 Noon - 1pm
Kent Kent Library, 212 2nd Avenue North January 25 Noon - 1pm
Auburn Muckleshoot Library, Muckleshoot Reservation
39917 Auburn Enumclaw Road SE,
February 1 Noon - 1pm
Issaquah Issaquah Library, 10 West Sunset Way February 8 Noon - 1pm
*Join us for this evening workshop and then visit galleries for First Thursday Art Walk. Free Parking at select garages.


How large are Heritage Project awards?

Awards typically range between $1,500 and $10,000.

Is there a match required?

No, but a match is encouraged. Projects that can demonstrate some level of cash or in-kind contribution will be ranked higher under the criterion of Feasibility

If I'm awarded funding, will I get the money up front?

No, 4Culture awards are made only on a reimbursement basis. During contracting, staff will work with you to set up a schedule for one or more invoices if necessary.

What are my obligations if I receive an award?

All recipients of 4Culture funding must meet defined public benefit requirements, which will be negotiated in the contracting phase.

Will 4Culture staff help me with my application?

Yes, we are happy to answer questions and give pointers! Call or email program staff to discuss your ideas, and indicate your intent to apply. You are also strongly encouraged to attend a free workshop in January or February.

Who do I work with?

Program Manager Brian Carter is your primary contact for the Heritage Projects Program. Contact Brian Carter at 206 263.1586.


Applicant Project Title Award
Third AndersenHip Hop in the 206 and beyond$10,000
Center for Wooden BoatsHistoric Small Craft of King County$6,000
City of NewcastleNewcastle Historical Interpretive Signs$6,000
Madeline CrowleyPeople of the Central Area & their stories$7,700
Densho - The Japanese American
Legacy Project
Examining History through Archived Newspaper Articles$6,000
Destination Des MoinesDesination Des Moines Main Street$5,379
East African Arts and Cultural AssociationEast African Voices: Voices of Heritage through Arts and Culture in the Pacific Northwest$10,000
Jill FreidbergShelf Life$9,200
Friends of the Klondike Corridor, Inc.GOLD!$9,000
Stephen GriggsPreservation and Dissemination of Seattle Black Culture History
in the Joe Brazil Audio Tape Collection
Holocaust Center for HumanityCapturing King County Holocaust Survivor Voices for the Future$10,000
Seattle Municipal ArchivesSeattle Department of Neighborhoods -- Historic Preservation, Building Survey Photograph Collection Processing Project$9,473
Japanese Cultural and Community
Center of Washington
JCCCW Historical Interpretive Walk$5,295
Noah JeppsonDugdale Park / Sick's Stadium Interpretive Signage in Seattle$1,600
Rachel KesslerProfanity Hill$7,600
Imogene IngletHistory of Lake City Pioneer Days Book$4,500
Literacy Fund/NIEOne Market for All - past, present, future$7,500
Maritime FolknetTales of the Cut: Songs of the Locks, the Lakes, and a Century of Change$5,670
Jay MillerGeorge Gibbs Complete$2,000
Northwest Railway MuseumSnoqualmie Depot Re-Interpretation$1,365
Vaun RaymondDocumentary film series for Ship Canal Centennial$5,000
Renton Historical SocietyDuwamish Exhibit Redesign$3,445
Gregory RubySyncopated Classic: Rediscovering the Lost Compositions of Seattle Jazz Pioneer Frank D. Waldron$9,945
Seattle ARCHSeattle's Freeway Revolt: Uncovering a Hidden History$8,500
Seattle Children's MuseumSeattle Boomtown Jr. Programming and Interpretation$10,680
Shoreline Historical MuseumShoreline Historical Museum Centennial Commemoration of the Lake Washington Ship Canal$1,170
Skykomish Historical SocietyA Book of Firsthand Accounts of PNW Railroading$4,778
Steamer Virginia V FoundationVIRGINIA V Ballard Locks Tour$6,500
Tall Firs CinemaPromised Land Documentary - Educational Booklet$10,000
Siang Hui TayA Taste Of Home (Feature Documentary)$8,700
Ujima PicturesCentral District Displacement Short Film$2,083
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage AssociationEllisport -- The Hidden History$5,950
Washington Trust for Historic PreservationClassic Houses of Seattle: 2nd Edition$5,804
White River Valley MuseumHandcrafted in Camp: Objects of Daily Necessity Made by Incarcerated Japanese Americans$1,750
Wing Luke Museum of the
Asian Pacific American Experience
King County's Pacific Islander Community$10,000
Mikala WoodwardDrawing the Line: Lake Washington's Historic Shoreline$4,600


Applicant Project Title Award
Bertron, Cara Road Story: People and Place on Rainier Ave South $10,000
Center for Wooden Boats Lake Union History--From the Water $5,000
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Digitizing Photos for Japanese American Oral Histories $9,600
El Centro de la Raza Nuestra Historia, Nuestra Comunidad: Our History, Our Community $6,678
Ensign, Josephine Skid Road: The Intersection of Health and Homelessness $5,837
Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas Our Universe of Greenwood: Youth Stories about Our History,
Our Present, and Other Inspirations
Highline Historical Society Update Highline Historical Society website $6,800
History Ink People, Places, and Resources: Looking at the History of Watersheds $10,000
Holocaust Center for Humanity Exploring King County Heritage through Holocaust Survivor Testimonies $8,000
Issaquah Historical Society Depot Playdate Series $1,750
Japanese Cultural and Community
Center of Washington
Interwoven: A Japanese Community
Historical Perspective on Genji Mihara
Kahrs, Jeffrey Home and the Sea: Oral Histories of Fishermen from King County $9,935
King County Archives Responding to AIDS: Seattle-King County Department of
Public Health Oral Histories
Kirkland Heritage Society 2016 Kirkland History Month $2,067
Kubota Garden Foundation Kubota Garden - A Timeless Refuge $10,000
McKenna, Kevin LGBTQ Activism in Seattle History Project $5,000
Meador, Karen "Riverboat Round the Bend: Cargo, Commerce and Characters on the Inland Waterways of King County" $4,758
Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI) A Video Documentary about Ethiopian Heritage in King County from Individual Ethiopian Perspectives $10,000
Museum of History and Industry Edible City: A Delicious History exhibit $5,000
North Bend Downtown Foundation North Bend Visitor Information and Heritage Map $4,880
Northwest Railway Museum Train Shed Tour Package Enhancement $2,210
Redmond Historical Society Chicken Farm History Reseach, Interpretation to Community $6,840
Ruby, Gregory Syncopated Classic: Rediscovering the Lost Compositions of Seattle Jazz Pioneer Frank D. Waldron $9,970
Samudre, Sarah Promised Land $10,000
Shoreline Historical Museum Commemoration of Traditional Duwamish Cranberry Place at Ronald Bog $3,150
Snoqualmie Valley Historical Society Ada Hill: Continuing the Stories, SVHS $4,683
UW Press Classical Seattle, by Melinda Bargreen $3,500
Washington State Jewish Historical Society Passport to Washington $4,320
White River Valley Museum In The Bag, the History of Women's Purses and Their Contents $1,590
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience Khmer American Community Project $7,500
Wokoma, Inye A Life in Green and Black $5,000


Applicant Project Title Award
Center for Wooden Boats Create 10-year Exhibit and Interpretive Plan $10,000
Madeline Crowley People of the Central Area and their stories $7,363
Deep Sea Fishermen's Union of the Pacific One Hook at a Time: A 100 year History of the Deep Sea Fishermen's Union $8,200
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Educational Videos about the Japanese American Incarceration $10,000
Filipino American National Historical Society Filipino Farmers in King County - 1930 to 2000 $4,875
Friends of Mukai Japanese Residents of Vashon-Maury Island: Tracing Their Presence $4,500
Historic Seattle Publication: Seattle's First Hill $4,500
History Ink HistoryLink Elementary: Translation of Selected HistoryLink.org
Essays to Elementary Reading Level- Phase Two
Abby Inpanbutr Highliners : Boats of the Century $6,000
Issaquah Historical Society History Camp $5,575
Jack Straw Productions Immigration Portraits: Audio Stories $10,000
JT News Letters to the Editor: 90 Years of Washington's
Jewish History Through the Editorial Pages of the JTNews
Kubota Garden Foundation Kubota Garden - A Timeless Refuge $4,000
Literacy Fund/NIE Remembrance through Real Stories $10,000
Living Voices Living Voices/Klondike Gold Rush National Park multi-media theatre production $7,000
Vickie Olson Newcastle's History-Video Compilation $4,000
Pamela Phillips African American Pioneer Women of the Northwest $4,500
Fred Poyner IV The First Sculptor of Seattle: the Life and Art of James A. Wehn $6,038
Queen Anne Historical Society Preserving and Presenting Oral History $3,000
Rainier Valley Historical Society Stories of Hebesha Women: Illuminating the Immigration
of Ethiopians and Erritreans into Rainier Valley Through Oral Histories
Diane Rodill A Filipino Rascal: Denis Rodill 1894-1977 $4,000
Seattle Longshore Pension Club A History of Seattle Waterfront Workers Volume II 1935-2014 $2,500
Shoreline Historical Museum Duwamish Portage Stopover Commemoration at Ronald Bog for Summerset Arts Fest $2,620
Skykomish Historical Society Building a Museum Quality Model of Skykomish Substation $3,200
Soos Creek Botanical Garden and Heritage Center The History of the Soos Creek Plateau: 1860 - 1960 $3,407
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Reaching the Sky: Totem Tales in West Seattle $3,567
Siang Hui Tay A Taste of History @Chinatown, International District $9,980
Daniel Trager Kearney Barton Archive $10,000
UW Press Publication of Too High and Too Steep, by David Williams $2,500
Voice of Vashon Vashon: Then and Now $6,975
Washington State Holocaust
Education Resource Center
Curriculum: Learning About King County's Holocaust Heritage:
Context, Testimony, and Artifacts
Washington State Jewish Historical Society History in the Making: Immigration and Migration $4,740
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience Koreans in Washington State Exhibition Project $7,500


Applicant Project Title Award
206 Zulu OurStory: Hip Hop Heritage Project $6,500
BlackPast.org Preserving King County's African American History $9,060
Bohan, Heidi The People of Cascadia Activity Book $2,750
Burke Museum Association Collections Exhibit: King County Archaeology Components $8,000
Center for Wooden Boats Longline Centennials Oral History Project $7,200
Cherena, Steven Omo Alagba - Children of the Sacred Elders $9,150
Crosscut Public Media Roots of Tomorrow: Urbanism is in Our Blood $7,300
Crowley, Madeline The Central Area Community Living History Project $1,500
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Training Interns to Digitize and Catalogue Collections $6,000
Eastside Heritage Center Old Bellevue Walking Tour $8,200
Highline Botanical Garden Foundation Seike Japanese Garden Interpretive Sign $3,000
Highline Historical Society Hope in Hard Times $3,000
Historic Seattle Publication: Seattle's First Hill: Evolution of a Neighborhood $8,500
History Ink HistoryLink Junior: Translation of Selected Essays for
Elementary Reading Level, Phase 1
Issaquah Historical Society Speakers' Training Program $5,000
Jack Straw Productions Immigration Portraits: Denny School Community $10,000
King County Parks and Recreation Division The Untold History of the Ravensdale Natural Areas $4,500
Kistler, Nicole Illuminated Ghosts $7,500
Meador, Karen "Opening the County: The History of Military Road" $2,600
Museum of History and Industry Still Afloat: Seattle's Floating Homes $5,000
Northwest Railway Museum Railroads built the Pacific Northwest $6,000
Red Eagle Soaring As Long As The River Runs $7,000
Refugee Womens Alliance Refugee Heritage Documentary $9,273
Seattle Chinatown-ID Preservation and
Development Authority (SCIDpda)
Historic Alley Project $10,000
Shoreline Historical Museum Duwamish Heritage at SummerSet Arts Festival: Celebrating Ronald Bog $2,636
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Telling Our Westside Stories $9,325
Thomas, Margaret "Picture Man" $6,000
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
Continuing Generations: Intergenerational Holocaust Speaker
Training & Presentations
Washington State Jewish Historical Society MOHAI Community Room Exhibit 2014 $9,300
White River Valley Museum Interning to Learn and Share $4,000
Williams, David Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle's Topography $3,500
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience South Asian American Community Exhibition $7,500


Applicant Project Title Award
Highline Historical Society Reprinting "Our Burien" $1,462
Juanita Neighborhood Association Juanita Heritage Interpretive Signs $1,517
Historical Society of Federal Way Federal Way's Oral History - Phase I $2,500
Somali Community Services Coalition Youth Leadership and Cultural Heritage Project $2,500
Nordic Heritage Museum Microsoft Swedes and Boeing Norwegians: Nordic Mobility
and Immigration to King County
Museum of History and Industry Remembering Century 21: A Community Celebration $2,675
Northwest Railway Museum The railroad changed everything $2,950
Neely Mansion Association Neely Mansion Historical Video/Performance Project part 2 $3,250
Northwest African American Museum Pullman Porters in the Pacific Northwest $3,300
Seattle Genealogical Society Historical Document Digitization Project $3,500
Snoqualmie Tribe Snoqualmie Tribe Elder Oral History $4,000
Center for Wooden Boats Documenting Historic Surviving Industrial Maritime Structures on
Lake Union and Salmon Bay, Phase Two
History Ink Adding Video Files to HistoryLink.org Content: Phase Two $5,000
Lake Wilderness Citizen Advisory Committee Maple Valley Lake Wilderness Park Interpretive Signs Phase I $5,000
Wellspring Family Services History of Wellspring Family Services $5,000
Hedden, Andrew Collecting archival materials for Jose Rizal Bridge documentary & website $5,450
Densho:The Japanese American Legacy Project Preserving Japanese American Photographs and Documents $6,000
Organization of Chinese American - Greater Seattle History of Chinese in King County and Washington state book. $6,000
Seattle Theatre Group The Paramount Library, a cultural resource $6,000
International Examiner Snapshots in Time: Uncovering King Countys Asian Pacific Islander
Heritage and Identity
Literacy Fund/NIE Revisiting the Century 21 World's Fair - Part 2 $6,500
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association Who Are We? Vashon-Maury Island Demographics 1870-2010 $6,845
White River Valley Museum Outlaws, Honey Bees and Composting, Oh My! $6,900
Historic Seattle Publication: Seattles First Hill: Evolution of a Neighborhood $7,000
Japanese Community and Cultural Center of Washington Unsettled - Resettled: Seattle's Hunt Hotel $7,000
Washington State Holocaust
Education Resource Center
With My Own Eyes: Online enrichment resources to view documentary
featuring King County Holocaust Heritage
Washington State Jewish Historical Society Instant Replay: Featuring Washington State Jews in Sports $7,000
Burke Museum Association Waterlines Map Printing and Distribution $7,395
George, John Greaves Oral History Project $7,500
Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience Through Our Eyes: Vietnamese Americans in King County $7,500
Queen Anne Historical Society Preserving and Presenting Queen Anne's Audio Heritage $8,000
Yu, Curtis Schooner Kids: What Boat is That? $8,400
Hokubei Hochi Foundation Nikkei Newspaper Digital Archive Project $9,990


Applicant Project Title Award
Burke Museum Association Traditional Diets: Lessons from Local Archaeology $7,000
Center for Wooden Boats Documenting Historic Surviving Industrial Maritime Structures on Lake Union and Salmon Bay $5,500
City of Tukwila Parks and Recreation Dept. Interpretive Displays and Walking Guide for Duwamish Hill Preserve $6,400
Eastside Heritage Center Hands-on History at KidsQuest Children's Museum $5,000
Ann Ferguson Early Seattle Theatre History Project $7,475
Filipino American National Historical Society The Many Transitions of the Immaculate Conception Building and Seattle's Central District $2,000
Friends of St. Edward State Park St. Edwards Interpretive Signage $3,400
Julia Harrison SweetMap: Asian King County $3,000
Highline Botanical Garden Foundation Elda Behm Heritage Interpretive Sign $2,000
Historic Seattle Welcome to the Future: Century 21 and Living Modern $5,000
History Ink Adding Video Files to HistoryLink.org Content: Phase One $5,000
Issaquah Historical Society Issaquah's Mining Heritage: Hiking Through History $4,000
Jack Straw Productions Seattle World's Fair 50th Anniversary Radio Project $7,500
King County Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks Tolt-MacDonald Park Heritage Signage Project $6,000
Richard Kirby End in Sight! $4,500
Kirkland Heritage Society Celebrating Kirkland Founder's Week $4,000
Lakewood-Seward Park Community Club Seward Park Centennial Book $5,000
Legacy of Equality, Leadership and Organizing (LELO) The Murders of Silme Domingo and Gene Viernes - The People Win Justice $3,000
Literacy Fund/NIE Revisiting the Century 21 World's Fair $5,000
Lushootseed Research Elders Dialog: Ed Davis and Vi Hilbert Discuss Puget Sound Language, Culture, and Heritage $3,400
Museum of Flight 100 Years of US Naval Aviation Exhibit & Public Program $5,000
Neely Mansion Association Neely Mansion Historical Performance $4,486
Northwest African American Museum Bringing NAAM to King County: Checking Our Pulse: Health and Healers in the African American Community $3,400
Vaun Raymond Lake Union Virtual Museum - new exhibits $6,000
Redmond Historical Society Celebrating Redmond's Centennial $5,000
Renton Historical Society Redesign of Early Industries Exhibit $5,550
Shoreline Historical Museum Fifty Years, Fifty Voices Lake Forest Park 50th Anniversary Heritage Project $2,635
South King County Genealogical Society Saar Pioneer Cemetery Living History Project II $1,500
UW Press Before Seattle Rocked: A City and Its Music - book publication $4,000
Vashon Park District Historic Photographs $1,400
Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center King County Holocaust Heritage Documentary $7,000
White River Valley Museum Making Archives Interesting and Accessible, Part II $5,000
Wing Luke Asian Museum I Am Filipino $5,000


Applicant Project Title Award
Martha Adams Seattle in Black and White: The Congress of Racial Equality and the
Fight for Equal Opportunity (1961-1968)
Karen Bouton Saar Pioneer Cemetery Living History Project $840
Gregory Brotherton Smoke, Sand and Rubber $5,000
Burke Museum Association Waterlines Map $6,500
Eduardo Calderon Portraits and Recorded Interviews of Artists in King County $3,000
Cascade Land Conservancy Interpretive Maps & Guide for Duwamish Riverbend Hill $6,190
Densho: The Japanese American Legacy Project Non-Japanese American Oral Histories about the WWII Incarceration $5,040
Eastside Heritage Center Heritage Connections $3,000
Environmental Coalition of South Seattle for DRCC Green-Duwamish River Culture and Heritage Map reprint $6,950
Friends of Gas Works Park King Countys Industrial Past and Present: Society for
Industrial Archeology Conference 2011
Trevor Griffey Seattle FBI History Project $5,000
Historic Seattle Washington Hall Stories $7,250
History Ink Adding sound files to HistoryLink.org content: Phase Two $4,500
Literacy Fund/NIE Women's History: A Centennial of Local Impact $6,250
Jerry Mader Saving the Soil--Organic Farmers in the Snoqualmie Valley $5,000
Market Foundation History and Significance of Victor Steinbrueck Park $2,940
Museum of Flight B-17 75th Anniversary Exhibit $3,000
Museum of History & Industry Celluloid Seattle: A City at the Movies $7,500
Nordic Heritage Museum Somebody's Grandma: an exhibition of identity and the Norwegian-American experience $5,000
Pioneer Square Community Association Trail to Treasure $7,000
SCAN Community Media The Japanese Garden Celebrates 50 Years $6,400
Scott Squire Last Generation/First Generation $6,000
University of Washington Preservation Preparedness: Mapping and Developing a Typology of
Historic Unreinforced Masonry Buildings in Seattle
Vashon-Maury Island Heritage Association A Photographers Legacy: Exhibiting the Works of O.S. Van Olinda $5,200
Volunteers for Outdoor Washington Iron Goat Trail Brochure $1,738
Washington State Holocaust Education
Resource Center
Stories Among Us: King County Connections to the Holocaust $5,000
White River Valley Museum Invigorating an Interest in Archive Collections $4,500
Wing Luke Asian Museum The Asian Pacific American Urban Indian Exhibition Project (UIE) $5,000
Woodinville Heritage Society Life in Woodinville - The 1920s and Beyond $4,000

If you've been approved to receive a Heritage Projects grant, here's what to expect.


4Culture will notify you of your grant after it has been approved by our Board of Directors, typically this is two months after the deadline date. The contact person noted in the application will be sent an email about the grant, and a list of next steps to follow.


In an effort to make our contract process simpler and reduce our impact on the environment, 4Culture will now provide your contract documents electronically.

Once your grant’s Scope of Service and Public Benefit have been developed, 4Culture prepares a contract for your review and signature. When it is ready, you will receive an e-mail from us through DocuSign. This email will contain a link to your documents, and you can review and electronically sign your contract. You will not be able to make changes to the contract, but if there is an error or you need to request changes, please contact Chieko Phillips at 206 477.6811.

After you have electronically signed your contract, and have returned any requested forms (such as a completed W-9 Form), 4Culture will also electronically sign your contract. Then, DocuSign will automatically e-mail you a signed, digital copy of your contract to keep for your permanent records. You’ll then be able to move ahead with your project, and invoice 4Culture for reimbursement when you are ready.

Prior to presenting or publishing your project

Help us demonstrate the reach of 4Culture's funding and the value of supporting culture to elected officials and the general public.

All 4Culture funded projects must:

  • Acknowledge 4Culture's support with this text in all project-related print and on-line material: This project was supported, in part, by a grant from 4Culture.
  • Include this logo on project-related materials including: websites, brochures, press releases, programs, posters, flyers, advertisements, signage and all other related collateral material.

Assistance with promotion:

We often post information about completed projects or upcoming 4Culture supported events (they have to be FREE to the public) on our blog to assist funding recipients with outreach. If you are interested in our help, please send all of the following information to Brian Carter at least 3 weeks prior to your event or publication release:
  • Event Title
  • Website/Event Link
  • Event/Completion Date and Time
  • Event Location, including street address
  • Brief description of around 200 words
  • Contact information including name, phone number and e-mail
  • Digital image(s) of the project in-process or completed. We prefer photographs that include people. By providing images including recognizable people, we assume you have obtained permission to use their image through a model release or other means, especially for anyone under 18.

Promote your 4Culture funded project using our Media Kit. Find out what’s required, what you can do and how we can help.

Getting Paid

Once your 4Culture contract is signed by you and by 4Culture, your new grant will be listed in your account at apply.4Culture.org under the Manage Awards section. To be reimbursed, follow the "Request Payment" link next to the relevant contract and complete the Payment Request form.

You may submit a request for either a partial payment or final payment, depending on the Scope of Services you negotiated at the start of the contracting process. Check your contract’s Scope. You must follow the payment schedule outlined there.

In order to receive payment you must submit the deliverables noted in the Scope of Service and Public Benefit sections in your agreement.

If you cannot complete your project and public benefit by the date your contract closes, please contact Brian Carter for a possible contract extension. If you do not contact her prior to the contract expiring, the award will be recaptured.

You must upload these required attachments for a Heritage Projects invoice:

  • Evidence of acknowledgement of 4Culture support (4Culture logo on project materials)
  • Project documentation – including digital images of project activities and any other requirements identified in your contract’s Scope. For more information about our image criteria, please review our Photo Documentation Guidelines.

If you have not previously submitted your W-9 Form (which should have been done at the time you signed your contract), you must do so before we can make a payment.

Once you have submitted your Payment Request electronically, your program manager is notified by the system – you do not need to email us. He or she will review and approve the invoice, and we will send you a check (usually within 14 days). If any of the forms are filled out incorrectly, we will contact you.

Best Practices

Let us know if we can provide you with any of the following
  • Other funding resources
  • Sample press releases
  • Tips on contacting your legislators and King County Council members. Your elected officials should know you make an impact in your community!

Stay in touch throughout this process

Let us know what your plans are, and if you have any questions or concerns along the way. We are proud to support your project, and we hope we can assist you in making your it a success! Please contact Brian Carter at 206 263.1586 for guidance.