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museum of flight awarded 2009 heritage tourism award

One of the area’s most popular local attractions, The Museum of Flight was presented the 2009 Golden Rain Globe Award for outstanding promotion of King County’s heritage tourism at the Association of King County Historic Organization’s (AKCHO) annual awards ceremony. Each year, 4Culture presents the award to an individual, organization, or agency that has most...

destination heritage

Preservation & Heritage 4Culture are thrilled to announce the launch of a new, themed guide series called Destination Heritage, in partnership with King County Historic Preservation Program. The project promotes countywide heritage tourism through three significant historical themes: Maritime, Agriculture and Industry. These themes are brought to life in visually rich, high-quality brochures, a new...
from the director: march

from the director: march

Destination Heritage So your parents or cousins or college roommates are visiting for the tenth time in the last three years and you’re wondering, what are we going to do this time? They’ve been to all the usual spots and want something different. Where can we go? Help is here! I am pleased to announce...