12 artists, 14 artworks, 15 hours daily


Currently, fourteen artworks, by twelve artists are on display  from 7 am – 10 pm each day on e4c, 4Culture’s storefront gallery for electronic art. This summer a peer-panel will review and select new artworks for e4c. We have received applications from media artists working in diverse genres from across the US. We are looking forward rolling out new pieces in the early fall!

The artists listed below have works on e4c now. Come by 4Culture to see their work and visit their websites to learn more about current and upcoming projects.

Laurel Beckman
Scott Groeniger
Sabine Gruffat
Tomiko Jones
Noah Klersfeld
Margot Quan Knight
David Kwan
Tess Martin
Ann Oren
Kamran Sadeghi
Kenny Schneider
Ann-Marie Stillion

The following artists previously had artworks featured on e4c. We thank them for sharing their videos with us for one full year. Check out their websites to see what they’re working on today.

Tina Aufiero; Perry Bard; Thom Heileson & Wyndel Hunt; Stephen Hilyard; Salise Hughes; Bennett Morris; Heather Dew Oaksen; Relja Penezic & Victoria Jordanova; Gazelle Samizay and Robert Zverina

e4c has received generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts

© 2007 Salise Hughes, Shiny Things (presented on e4c during 2008-2009)