2016-2017 Season @ Gallery4Culture

The annual Gallery4Culture application cycle closed on January 11th. In mid-February, the selection panel met and deliberated. Beth Sellars, independent curator and co-founder of Suyama Space, and gallery alumni Rodrigo Valenzuela and Kimberly Trowbridge chose ten artists and artist teams for exhibitions beginning this fall and running through July 2017. The artists, listed in the order of their scheduled shows, are as follows:

September 2016: Sylwia Tur’s installation expresses the language of structures, space, and movement. By juxtaposing sculptural objects, primarily in porcelain, she constructs new spatial relationships, accesses memory, and expands perceptual awareness in an attempt to find the meeting point between image and architecture.

October 2016: Brit Ruggirello lives in a house called Blue Hotel. She wants to know why living in a space that she’s named feels different than living in a truly blue environment. Her exhibition explores digital and physical worlds, negotiating between the imagined and the real, with found objects, vibrantly colored light bulbs, pastel gradients, and photography.

Brit Ruggirello. Brit_2, 2015. Archival inkjet print, wall paint, pink sand, Ikea leg, fake flowers, ribbon, office mat, plant, and white vase.
Brit Ruggirello. Brit_2, 2015. Archival inkjet print, wall paint, pink sand, Ikea leg, fake flowers, ribbon, office mat, plant, and white vase.

November 2016: Deborah Lawrence uses satirical collage as a political and psychological tool. Aligned with the 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election, she exhibits collages – rendered on canvas, paper, board and recycled metal serving trays – that reflect a decades-long interest in social justice.

January 2017: David Jaewon Oh’s Combatants series explores gender identity and gender roles through the documentation of women in combat sports. Large scale photographic portraits of female fighters in their respective gyms, an environment in which they are often the minority, highlight their strength and endurance as well as the changing the face of field.

David Jaewon Oh. Jessica, 2015. Digital C-Print.

February 2017: Chris McMullen is fascinated with industrial processes. His interactive installation will challenge viewers, both mentally and physically, as they collaborate to activate a room-filling sculpture. This kinetic engagement is meant to encourage face to face communication and grounding in our increasingly digital world.

March 2017: Deanne Belinoff’s abstract drawings and paintings express ideas about reality and its underpinnings, the vast rotations of solar systems, and the implicit connection of all things in the universe. Her exhibition will feature new works inspired by infinity, gravity and time, revealing her personal relationship with the cosmos.

April 2017: Jackson Baker Ryan, Alex Boeschenstein, and Max Cleary will unveil their newest body of residential real estate products and services. With a vision of a stranger future and a mix of hope, irony and apprehension, they will introduce divergent practices informed by prevailing industry pathologies.

Jackson Baker Ryan. Awarded Multitasker’s Association, Seal of Approval, 2016. Digital collage.

May 2017: Katie Miller’s immersive, site-specific installation captures contemporary life and architecture in Pioneer Square through the lens of the silhouette. Imagery and light become active elements in the creation of three dimensional space, inspiring a visceral shift in perception and awareness and helping to redefine our relationship with our surroundings.

June 2017: Paul Komada’s practice reveals the metaphoric space between painting as object and painting as action. Using chroma-key technology to layer images, he inserts himself into his work and blurs the line between process and performance. Concurrent exhibitions at Gallery4Culture and SOIL – one abstract and one documentary, both consisting of images and sounds of the soon to be demolished Alaskan Way Viaduct – will establish a dialogue between the two venues.

July 2017: Jennifer Zwick presents digital photography and constructed three dimensional vignettes focused on the themes of symmetry and duality. Living space and artifice are of special interest as well; she enjoys the subtle subversion of reality.

4Culture would like to thank all 145 gallery applicants for their interest in exhibiting with us and the panel for their diligence in making the selections. Applicants who were not awarded shows are encouraged to reapply next year. The 2017—2018 Gallery4Culture season application deadline will be Monday, January 9, 2017.

Congratulations to our 2016—2017 exhibiting artists! We look forward to this series of strong, boundary-pushing shows.