4 concerts, 12 groups, 8 hours of great music this Fall!

SuperSones © Hugo Ludena, 2008
SuperSones © Hugo Ludena, 2008
SuperSones © Hugo Ludena, 2008
SuperSones © Hugo Ludena, 2008

Touring Arts Roster artists perform at Seattle Center’s Next 50

In partnership with Seattle Center’s Next 50 Celebration, 4Culture’s Touring Arts Roster artists will be performing in “A World of Music,” a four concert series at Seattle Center Playhouse on Friday September 21st and 28th, Thursday October 4th and Friday October 5th from 7:30-9:30 pm.

All of these concerts are “Pay-what-you-can” through TicketMaster or at the Playhouse box office. Don’t miss any of these wonderful presentations!



Friday, September 21

Correo Aereo (Air Mail) performs the traditional music of Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and striking original compositions that are vital and stay true to their roots.

Savannah Fuentes and Friends offer traditional Spanish Flamenco music and dance with a modern edge, interpreting the complex and ancient discipline that is el arte flamenco.

The Supersones play the sublime music known as Cuban Son, the acoustic dance music of the Cuban countryside that inspired modern Salsa.



Friday, September 28

Franchesska Berry & Caravanes showcases high energy, charismatic performance by world-renowned master drummers and dancers from West Africa and the Diaspora.

Suzanna & Friends collaborate to share widespread enjoyment of the timeless music and dance of North Africa and the Middle East.

Anzanga Marimba, under the direction of Sheree Seretse, performs traditional and contemporary marimba music that will summon you to “Come Dance With Us”.



Thursday, October  4

Srvani Jade performs soulful music from the deserts of Rajasthan to the foothills of the Himalayas, 15th century to contemporary, with her ensemble of harmonium and tabla drums and her beautiful, rich vocals.

One World Taiko is a contemporary Japanese drum ensemble, whose spirited drumming uniquely blends traditional Taiko and broader world music styles.

Te Fare O Tamatoa presents Tearama, will share the authentic Tahitian culture through rhythmic drumming and dance, lovely handmade costuming, and a multi-generational ensemble of talented artists.



Friday, October 5

Crumac offers the opportunity to experience masterful performance on the rare Irish Uilleann (pronounced “illen”) pipes, mated with guitar and virtuoso Irish fiddling. As they weave the traditional jigs, reels and hornpipes of Irish dance music into captivating strains, Crumac demonstrates why traditional Irish music has been enchanting listeners for centuries!

Alchymeia gathers folk song ingredients from various cultures and arranges them in new and fascinating ways. This multi-faceted ensemble presents a unique offering of world music “mash-ups,” their diverse repertoire reflecting the broad backgrounds of the ensemble’s founding musicians.

Rouge performs the nostalgic popular music of France—think Edith Piaf to Pink Martini—while introducing more modern and original music for a vibrant, playfully staged show. Vocals, violin, accordion, guitar, and acoustic bass of top international musicians create this evocative ensemble.


4Culture provides the Touring Arts Roster to maintain a pre-screened Roster of performing artists easily accessible to presenters both large and small, local arts agencies, festivals, libraries, schools and event planners. With images, audio, performance descriptions and rates, presenters can narrow down their hunt for talent in minimum time. There is no cost to the users of the Roster, or to the artists who have been juried in. Check it out.