4Culture announces awards to 252 organizations


The 4Culture board approved funding Wednesday evening for 231 arts organizations and 21 local arts agencies bringing arts experiences to residents and visitors in every corner of King County. In spite of declining revenues and economic pressures arts participation in King County seems to be growing with new community based arts organizations springing up in every city and town in the county. Clearly our citizens are coming together around the arts.

The list includes more than 80 music groups, non-profit orchestras and choruses, more than 30 youth arts organizations, dozens of theater and dance companies, and 21 local city arts commissions. The list continues to grow. “We have a phenomenon of arts participation in this county that we can be very proud of and we are thrilled to be a part of it,” said Jim Kelly, 4Culture’s Executive Director.

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This Land is Your Land, Mark Haim, On the Boards’ Northwest New Works Festival, 2010 © Tim Summers