4Culture at bumbershoot!

aLIVe Artists at Center Square, 5th & Broad Entrance
Saturday, Sunday & Monday, September 3-5, 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Short Documentary Art Films, One Reel Festival at SIFF
Sunday, September 4, 1-1:45 pm

4Culture, along with partner organization Great City, will present aLIVe artists at Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival, over Labor Day weekend. Two short films featuring aLIVe artists, a short film by artist Carol dePelecyn on recycling, and a short film by 2010 Trails Project artists Susan Robb and Stokley Towles will be screened as a part of One Reel’s Short Documentary Film Festival at SIFF Cinema. 4Culture is thrilled to be participating in Seattle’s iconic annual arts festival, now in its 41st year.

aLIVe: a Low Impact Vehicle Exhibition will feature low impact vehicles (LIV’s) for rides and display.  Johnnie Olivan of Rejuiced Bikes will be on hand to offer rides on several of his Bike-Carts, created as part of Public Art 4Culture’s aLIVe project. Peter Reiquam’s Walk and Roll will be on display over the weekend. The artist will give demonstrations of this innovative LIV. Julia Field of Undriving™ will be issuing Undriving Licenses all weekend. An LIV/DIY craft table will offer the opportunity to make your own low impact vehicle model. aLIVe will be located in Center Square by the Experience Music Project near the  5th & Broad Street entrance to the festival. Learn more about this project on the Bumbershoot page for this event.

Short films by Cheryl Dos Remedios, Julia Field and Johnnie Olivan feature Low Impact Vehicles, Undriving™, and other ways to get to work and live your life sustainably.  The screening will also feature two other shorts films: the premier of Carol dePelecyn’s meditation on recycling and solid waste, Sort, created as part of her public artwork for Shoreline Transfer Station, and The Long Walk, by Trails Artists Susan Robb and Stokley Towles.

aLIVe artists Vaughn Bell, Julia Field, Melissa Glenn and Matt Inpanbutr, the team of Michael Hintze, Alisha Dall’Osto, David R. Dall’Osto and Nadine Smith, Dominic Muren, Johnnie Olivan and Stokley Towles are featured in two films being screened as part of One Reel’s Short Documentary Film Festival at SIFF. Learn more about the artists and their projects. Visit the Bumbershoot page for this event.

FILMS: aLIVE: The Well Cultured Bike-Car Fleet, aLIVE: Undriving, Sort, The Long Walk


View our ecard for this screening happening September 4 @ 1PM


Photos: Undriver’s License courtesy of Julia Field; ©Steve McGehee, 2010, Sort (still)