4Culture Closed Monday: Honoring Veterans

Liberating the Rag, Combat Paper Project

When someone says

I cannot know what it was like over there,

we want them to.

When someone says I cannot know,

we really need them to.

When someone says I cannot know,

they have just sent another one over.


When we avoid our empathy

and close our eyes

the veterans walk isolated

to a depressed and

self-destructive end.


If for just a moment,

our communities can also carry

the psychological burden of conflict,

we can all glimpse into the minds

of those who have served and say,

I, too, know what it was like over there,

I am glad you are home.


Combat Paper Project Mantra


Veterans, we are grateful you served and we are glad you are home.

4Culture will be closed on Monday, November 12th in honor of Veterans Day.

 4Culture is in the early stages of a new initiative, Vets Restore, a unique pilot program that will serve as a training and job placement program in green building rehab and preservation trades for veterans. Inspired by our work with the Combat Paper Project and regional training programs in preservation, members of our Arts and Preservation staff are collaborating with our enthusiastic local partners to date, which include the King County Veterans Program and Historic Seattle. We will be finalizing the details in the coming months and we look forward to sharing this with you.