4Culture included in king county's state legislative priorities for 2011

This news from King County Councilmember Larry Phillips:

On January 3rd, the Metropolitan King County Council passed Ordinance 2010-0624, adopting King County’s State Legislative priorities for 2011. The agenda outlines-in two short pages-the top ten priorities that King County government is asking state legislators to consider during this year’s session.

Among our government’s top priorities are extending King County visitor revenues for arts and cultural funding programs through 4Culture.

The retirement of some of the debt used to finance public stadiums presents an opportunity to extend those revenue streams. We believe that those local county taxes should be locally managed. We support the extension of these revenues in keeping with their historical intent, which is the investment in facilities and programs that directly stimulate tourism, attract visitors, generate economic activity, and support arts and culture programs throughout King County.

Overall, the priorities stated in the County’s legislative agenda underscore a single objective:  King County seeks the flexibility, tools, and authority to help address critical needs in a time of continuing fiscal challenges.  These objectives focus on customer service, partnerships, and ways to bring down costs.