A Devotee of Fashion?

News from a 2013 Heritage Collections Care recipient

Emily Inez Denny (1853-1918), Seattle, ca. 1890 Courtesy MOHAI (Neg. SHS13350)
Emily Inez Denny (1853-1918), Seattle, ca. 1890. Courtesy MOHAI (Neg. SHS13350)

First time applicants, the Woman’s Century Club, applied to Heritage Collections Care in 2013 for funding to purchase materials to properly house and store their club’s ‘Legacy Scrapbooks Histories and Early Members Papers.’ Since buying the materials and relocating most of the scrapbooks and papers, they have run across some very interesting stories. One essay in their collection was from a woman named Emily Inez Denny, the daughter of Seattle pioneers David and Louisa Boren Denny (“The Sweetbriar Bride”), titled “Dream of a Devotee of Fashion” and first published in 1899. Club member and well-known local historian, Paula Becker, wrote an intro to the essay and the club partnered with HistoryLink.org to post the “Fashion” letter online. With their permission, we are linking to that delightful story (laughing along with Inez, cause it is so not what you think). The club will be transcribing and sharing other stories as the project progress through their website www.womanscenturyclub.org/history/early-members-papers/. This is definitely one you’ll want to bookmark and check for updates. Enjoy!


Updated Feb. 18th, 2014