A new Film, a new Comic Book: two artists demystify hazardous materials

© Edie Everette, HazMatters, 2014, comic book
© Edie Everette, HazMatters, 2014, comic book

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Hazardous materials are a social issue. Their use, and the way we store and dispose them, affects public health and the quality of the environment we all share. Trouble is, hazardous materials as a topic can be confusing and overwhelming. Enter Seattle-based artists Edie Everette and Clyde Petersen, producers of visual stories.

Everette is a cartoonist and Petersen an animator. Commissioned by Public Art 4Culture, each artist worked with the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program to create a new kind of public service announcement. The result: a comic book and short film that each offer stories and “how to” tips in a way that is both artful and informative. Both artworks are available in English and Spanish.

Everette’s HazMatters is a comic book that explores household hazardous waste (HHW) and personal responsibility. Its visual stories – full of questions, humor and interactive activities – reveal the many ways HHW intersects with our everyday lives. For a free copy of HazMatters, call the Household Hazards Line at 206 296.4692.

Petersen’s The Wild World of Pesticides (El Mundo Peligroso de los Pesticidas) details the life and history of DDT and the positives steps we can take to reduce the need for toxic pesticides. A cast of stop-motion animated paper puppets residing in a watercolor landscape tell of pesticide use in farming, landscaping and gardening.

Watch The Wild World of Pesticides


For Spanish, click here: El Peligroso Mundo de los Pesticidas.