Announcing Gallery4Culture’s 2017-2018 Season

Gallery4Culture has a thirty-eight year history of exhibiting innovative and underrepresented art forms. We feature a dynamic range of King County artists—including early career artists—presenting solo or small-group shows.

Jurors Mary Ann Peters, Dave Kennedy, and Clyde Petersen reviewed applications submitted through our recent open call process and selected 10 artists and artist teams for our next season, which runs from September 2017-July 2018:

September 7-28, 2017: John Criscitello
John Criscitello will present a new body of work exploring the fragile architecture of masculinity and love. Through use of traditional media, silk screen printing, painting and installation, his exhibition will build on themes of contemporary gay identity.

October 5-26, 2017: Maja Petric
Maja Petric’s series of computer generated images depicts different perspectives on the environmental impacts of pollution. Machine learning algorithms are used as an artistic tool to search the internet and identify two representative views of the polluted sky in a specific location – one based on meteorological data and another demonstrating the perspective of a climate change skeptic.

Maja Petric. Skies, 2013. Interactive audiovisual installation. 40 x 84 x 5 inches.

November 2-December 7, 2017: Satpreet Kahlon
Through a series of labor-intensive sculptures and video installations, Satpreet Kahlon will explore the rise in demand for “handmade” objects and how the term actively erases the labor, oppression, and high societal cost of importing mass-produced goods made by brown hands in developing nations.

January 4-25, 2018: Francisco Guerrero
There is a movement of conservative Christians choosing to live on the edge of society, unplugged from civilization. Francisco Guerrero will investigate the “prepper” aquaponics systems that make their off-the-grid food growing possible and connect this practice to ancient Mexican techniques. His exhibition will feature a functional sculptural vegetable and protein vivarium.

February 1-22, 2018: Marilyn Montufar
Marilyn Montufar’s Capturing Community is an ongoing photo series that highlights individuals who are underrepresented in mainstream culture and the arts. Her portraits elevate people’s stories and connect diverse communities, creating a pathway for conversation, compassion, and understanding.

Marilyn Montufar. Tony in Bed, 2013. C-print. 16 x 20 inches.

March 1-29, 2018: Kathryn Thibault
Kathryn Thibault’s ephemeral wall-mounted sculptures reference the growth and interaction of natural organisms and mechanical structures. The work draws on data visualization practices, but recognizes that this analysis cannot fully capture or make sense of our multifaceted world.

April 5-26, 2018: Amanda Kirkhuff
Amanda Kirkhuff will present a solo exhibition of large-scale figurative paintings and drawings in oil and dry media. Her work employs themes of community, militancy, and the homosexual agenda.

May 3-31, 2018: Robert Hutchison
Robert Hutchison investigates death and memory through the lens of architecture. MEM explores typologies such as dwelling, chapel, lighthouse, and memorial. Physical models, drawings, and written narrative will weave together a story about the significance of memory in our everyday lives.

June 7-28, 2018: Coley Mixan + Timothy Coleman
Timothy Coleman and Coley Mixan will install the F.I.B.E.R. (Feminists Improving Boundless, Eternal Rock ’n Roll) Organization’s temporary headquarters and intersectional G.U.T. (the G.U.T. is the grand unified theory of space-time—a digestive center coalescing around the form of toroidal pastries and vibrating nothingness) indoctrination site. The headquarters will serve as a training program for humans to join F.I.B.E.R.’s intergalactic mission and earth-bound operations.

July 5-August 2, 2018: Sean Barton
Through life’s twists and turns, we experience the pile up of emotional material. This material might lay dormant for weeks or even years and, at times, feel almost impossible to tackle and clean. The idea behind Sean Barton’s Dirty Laundry is to air these transactions.

Sean Barton. Dirty Laundry I, 2015. Enamel on aluminum. 24 x72 x4 inches.

4Culture would like to thank all 143 gallery applicants for their interest in exhibiting with us and the panel for their diligence in making the selections. Applicants who were not awarded shows are encouraged to reapply next year. The 2018-2019 Gallery4Culture season application deadline will be Monday, January 8, 2018.

Congratulations to our 2017-2018 exhibiting artists! We look forward to this series of boundary-pushing shows.