architecture and performances featured on e4c

This Thursday, 4Culture is pleased to launch new digital art on e4c. A stunning piece by Anna G. Norton, and entertaining and clever pieces by Evertt Beidler, will be added to rotation for the next 12 months.


Anna G. Norton is interested in historical architecture as the container for time as it is defined and revealed by light. Using time-lapse photography, she captures the light as it transforms a space from sunrise to sunset. Over the course of one day, the life of the space is revealed. The ephemeral quality of light plays upon the structure and suggests a tension between historical time and geological time; the animate and inanimate; permanence and transience.


Evertt Beidler’s works investigate the areas where performance, catharsis and ritual converge. In a series of short documented performances, the artist investigates transportation and commuters, an exciting theme for presentation on e4c, given the proximity to thousands of bus commuters riding by each day. The work presented was created at a point in Beidler’s process when he experienced a dramatic shift in the way that he envisioned his process and product. He began questioning not only what his work could be but also what it could do.

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© 2010 Anna G. Norton, One Day, One Room, Founder’s Hall, video – still
© 2009 Evertt Beidler, The Business of Staying the Same is Always Changing, Public performance, 1 minute 34 seconds, Photo: Jill Beidler