ArtTable + 4Culture + Loriann Hernandez

ArtTable’s Summer Internship for Diversity in the Visual Arts supports emerging women professionals from backgrounds generally underrepresented in the field. Through one-on-one mentoring relationships, interns have the opportunity to work with established leaders and gain exposure to a range of professional activities.

4Culture applied to serve as a 2013 host organization for the program and was paired with Loriann Hernandez, a recent graduate of Cal State Fullerton with an MA in Exhibition Design. Over the next two months, Loriann will assist with an in-depth survey of the King County Public Art Collection. She will travel into the field and examine and prepare condition reports for over 2,000 portable and architecturally integrated artworks. In addition, she will assist with research related to new projects and participate in artist selection processes.

Welcome, Loriann!

“I first visited Seattle two years ago in the spring. I’m from Southern California, and have been commuting by roller skates in cities across America for over four years. The challenge of being a roller skater in Seattle is quite different than in California. Larger hills and more rain are something to factor into my journeys. During my first visit I toured a lot of museums and galleries in the area for research. Not every gallery was happy to see someone with a giant backpack and roller skates on their shoulders. But like any curator, I take note of those that are polite to the unexpected visitor. That was 4Culture.

So a few months ago, when I received an offer for a paid internship through ArtTable at 4Culture, accepting was unquestionable. Not only are they nice to people with roller skates, 4Culture is a one of a kind organization that provides opportunities to unique artists and curators like me.

One of the things I have in common with 4Culture is a love of supporting the arts. My own organization, Urban Canvas, promotes underrepresented artists from around the world. And like 4Culture, I seek to find and enhance the intersections of community, arts and culture.

I view the world like an artist, curator, anthropologist and skater. That is how I came up with my MA thesis exhibition, RIDE: Communities Empowering Themselves Through Mobility where I was the first curator to ride ramps on roller skates. I followed that show with RIDE WORLD WIDE in Dakar, Senegal, Africa. During that time, I provided supplies to skaters, mounted the exhibition twice, built the first portable skate park in the country and returned home with a metal plate in my arm and a kitten I named Bijoux Bijoux as souvenirs.

Maps, culture, drawing, traveling and eight wheels dominate most of my life but for now, Seattle and 4Culture are my home. If you like my story, you can keep updated with Urban Canvas artists and my skate journal. Finally, my documentary on the skate scene in Senegal is available on YoutTube at RIDE WORLD WIDE DAKAR. Thanks to ArtTable and 4Culture for uniting to bring me an opportunity to expand my experience, both professionally and creatively.”

– Loriann Hernandez