Audition for the Touring Arts Roster

Splinter Dance Company © 2013 Commence Vision

Performers, did you know that our Touring Arts Roster can help you reach new audiences? This online tool, which features more than 200 performers from across King County, connects you with organizations and individuals of all kinds who are looking for dynamic live experiences. Plus, we offer reimbursement incentives for nonprofits when they book you through the Roster, strengthening our region’s creative cultural community.

If you’re a King County performing artist in just about any genre and this sounds like it might be up your alley, audition for the Roster this month! Auditions will be held Saturday and Sunday, February 18 and 19, at Renton’s Carco Theatre. We ask that all those who’d like to audition fill out and submit an Intent to Audition form so we can schedule you for a 30 minute—1 hour time slot. Good luck, and see you on stage!