Beidler & Hughes on e4c

Evertt Beidler, Moves Manager, video still, © 2011. Photo Credit: Vince Dudzinski

On April 5th  we welcome back media artists Evertt Beidler and Salise Hughes, who will share two videos on e4c. These works, selected by a peer-panel in 2011 will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

Evertt Beidler, Moves Manager, video still, © 2011. Photo Credit: Vince Dudzinski

Evertt Beidler is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Portland, Oregon. His work utilizes the production of sculpture and live action as a means of interfacing the realm of the imaginary with the realm of the real.  Content for his work, including Moves Manager, is derived from personal experience and employs the traditional format of the “self-portrait” as a means of telling stories that are autobiographical in nature. Humor, elements of film, performance, public art, and functional sculpture are all present in Moves Manager.

Salise Hughes is a Seattle-based visual artist who also makes experimental films. For e4c, Hughes has created a new four-channel video work entitled, The Perils of Boating, a media installation based on reedited, manipulated footage from Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, a 1927 American silent film directed by German film director F. W. Murnau. In 1989, this film was deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in their National Film Registry. Hughes’ interpretation offers scratched and eroded footage of two humans on a boat are ravaged by time, the weather and themselves.

Salise Hughes, The Perils of Boating, video still, © 2012

These works will join the ongoing rotation of pieces by other selected artists for e4c including: Bradley Hyppa, Carol dePelecyn, Andrew Binkley, Tess Martin, Barbara Robertson, Betty Jo Costanzo, Michael Lasater, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Stephen Sewell, Ben Houge, Britta Johnson, Drew Christie, Eduardo Calderon, Piper O’Neill, Scott Shuldt and Longhouse Media.