Blister Envy?

The Long Walk. Photo: Susan Robb.
The Long Walk. Photo: Susan Robb.

Its late July… are you yearning for another Long Walk?

If you are missing the experience of the last three summers with Susan Robb on the Regional Trails System, check out the Best Things in Museums are the Windows, a participatory project co-organized by Harrell Fletcher and the Exploratorium. Lucky San Franciscans are creating a Slow Movement Movement of their own and traversing city, suburb, and country as they artfully investigate community, collaboration, experiential learning, and decentralized authorship.

Wondering why we are not continuing the Walk? Susan is busy preparing for her newest (and even more ambitious) endeavor, Wild Times, sponsored in part by a prestigious Creative Capital grant. Beginning in April 2014, she will embark on an expedition and unscripted work of land art that takes its form as a thru-hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail. Over the course of 5 months and 2,650 miles she will explore wildness as both a geographic ideal and an emergent cultural condition – informed by our increasingly volatile climate and our all-pervasive digital world.

Want to know more? Us too! Stay tuned…