Bradley Hyppa and Carol dePelecyn join e4c

On March 1st, e4c will feature videos by Bradley Hyppa, and Carol dePelecyn. Their selected works will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.


Bradley Hyppa is a San Francisco based artist whose work explores the relationships and meanings of the spaces we find ourselves in, and acts upon these spaces with video in order to instill new understandings of these spaces.  The videos, consisting of melodic patterns composed of rendered distortions, contractions, and expansions between background and foreground, reveal an oscillation in the visual field. They signal not a definitive meaning, but rather point towards a feeling of presence escaping perception, denying a conscious translation. Here, along with the artist, the viewer may consider alternative narratives about space communicated by the impressions afforded from a distribution of sensation sequenced by the experience of color and form.

Carol dePelecyn, Sort (Video Still) © 2011 Steve McGehee
Carol dePelecyn, Sort (Video Still) © 2011 Steve McGehee

Carol dePelecyn is a Seattle-based artist who created, Sort with the intent to take the behind-the-scenes act of recycling to the public. dePelecyn writes, “I’ve been thinking a lot about the economy, unemployment, and the massive amounts of consumer waste lately. In response, I was captivated when I discovered the behind-the-scenes employment of people who sort other people’s waste. As I meditated on the steady motion of conveyer belts moving a constant flow of garbage past employees sorting consumer waste by material, I concluded this is job security. There is beauty and rewards in the dance of sorting and the process of recycling.” Sort was commissioned by Public Art 4Culture and filmed at Allied Waste Management in Seattle. dePelecyn collaborated with Cinematographer Steve McGehee and Composer Wayne Horvitz to create this short film. 


These works will join the ongoing rotation of pieces by other selected artists for e4c including:  Andrew Binkley, Tess Martin, Barbara Robertson, Betty Jo Costanzo, Michael Lasater, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Stephen Sewell, Ben Houge, Britta Johnson, Drew Christie, Eduardo Calderon, Joseph Farbrook, Miguel Jara, Piper O’Neill, Scott Shuldt and Longhouse Media.