Brent Watanabe on Gallery4Culture

Brent Watanabe
Brent Watanabe

With the Call for Artists for Gallery4Culture exhibition currently open, we’ve asked several artists who have exhibited in the gallery in the past to talk about their experience. Media artist and guest Brent Watanabe was a part of the 2011-2012 season in Gallery4Culture. Spending concentrated time developing his ideas is part of Brent’s artistic practice. The posted video was created during a current residency at MacDowell Colony. Brent has shared a host of videos in this series online.


I found out I was going to have a show at Gallery4Culture shortly before leaving on a five-week artist residency. The timing couldn’t have been better, and I was excited to have their large gallery space to focus on and plan around during my uninterrupted art time.

During the residency, I worked on prototypes and tests, and I received a lot of support from 4Culture, mainly with my many questions via email… how tall are the ceilings? Can you give me access to your Internet connection for multiple computers? How loud is too loud? Can I curtain off the bathrooms? Will someone be willing to start up and shut down 3 computers, an iPad, 3 power strips, and 3 projectors each day?

In my work, I experiment with video projection, kinetic sculpture, computer programming, electronics, and there is a lot of uncertainty as to how things will work (or how long they will work), right through the opening and the run of the show. I had a wonderful experience working with Esther and her open, encouraging attitude. I felt very comfortable and welcome to experiment, troubleshoot, and try things out as I installed the show. The electronic bleeps, dinging bells, whirring motors, and chatter of a police scanner radio created an often-chaotic environment in the gallery, from install through the closing of the show. 4Culture was incredibly supportive, patient, and generous throughout the entire process.

I am very thankful for the experience. The exhibition at Gallery4Culture gave me the opportunity to take chances, push my art, work with wonderful people, and share the results in a beautiful space.


The Artist Opportunity for Gallery4Culture closes on January 6, 2014. Eligibility is limited to artists, artist teams, and independent curators who reside in King County, WA and are not represented by a commercial gallery at the time of application. Members of artist run collectives and cooperative galleries are eligible. Artists working in all media and genres are encouraged to apply, including those whose medium or method of work is under-represented in commercial galleries. Learn more and apply