bridges, dams, factories and tunnels

John Stamets talks about documenting the built environment.

south park_round

Have you ever run across a collection of old photographs that draw you into the landscape of another era?  A hundred years from now, people will be stunned to stumble upon the architectural photography of John Stamets.  Since the late 1980s, he has meticulously recorded the structures of the twentieth century in our region, just before they’re razed or reworked in the name of progress.

For national Preservation Month this May, Gallery 4Culture is pleased to feature the work of John Stamets in HABS/HAER Standards Photography of the Pacific Northwest.

Join us at Gallery 4Culture this Wednesday, May 18, at 6:30 p.m. to hear Stamets speak about his unusual career.  He has quite a story to tell about the timeless images he’s creating for the Historic American Building Survey and Historic American Engineering Record collections, permanently archived at the U.S. Library of Congress.

He’ll talk about those high HABS/HAER photographic standards, how he gets the impossible shots he needs, and how he always manages to be in the right place at the right time.

Image: South Park Bridge, Seattle 2010 © John Stamets