Bring the Touring Arts Roster to Your Community

Urvasi Dance by Arabinda Mahapatra, 2011
Urvasi Dance by Arabinda Mahapatra, 2011

31 dance teams, 158 music groups, 6 spoken word artists, 34 theater ensembles—they’re all members of our Touring Arts Roster, and now, they’re all right at your fingertips!

For over three decades, the Roster has been an invaluable tool for both performers and the people who hire them. The Roster promotes and publicizes performers of all disciplines and also serves as a one-stop resource for anyone looking to bring a dynamic art experience to their event. Explore the Roster and discover a fantastic new act!

This year, we’re excited to make the Roster even more useful by offering a financial incentive for the organizations that help put these performers in front of great local audiences. Funds are available for local arts agencies, chambers of commerce, downtown associations, and municipalities presenting free concerts in their communities to be reimbursed by 4Culture for 50% of Touring Arts Roster performing artist fees. If you represent one of these organizations, read through the guidelines to make sure you qualify, and start your application!

The incentive program benefits artists, organizations, and audiences—and all just in time for summer concert and festival season. We can’t wait to see Roster performers in action all over King County in the coming months!