C. Andrew Rohrmann's Undone Launches on e4c

C. Andrew Rohrmann, Undone, Video Still, © 2012
C. Andrew Rohrmann, Undone, Video Still, © 2012

On July 5th, 4Culture will launch, Undone by C Andrew Rohrmann on e4c, 4Culture’s storefront media gallery. New works, selected by a peer-panel in 2011 will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

Undone is an experiment in ambient cinema, comprised of an ever expanding series of short films revolving around the depiction of artificially constructed macroscopic environments. The intent is to evoke a sense of space that is ambiguous in terms of scale: simultaneously microscopically small and astronomically large.

C Andrew Rohrmann is a Seattle based multi-disciplinary audio/visual creator. He has been working in music, design, and media production for the past fifteen years. Rohrmann has completed many successful commissions including feature film scores, large scale audio installations, and art direction for commercial clients.

These works will join the ongoing rotation of pieces by other selected artists for e4c including: Nichole Rathburn, Ron Lambert, Ellen Lake & Chris Green, George Lee, Evertt Beidler, Salise Hughes, Bradley Hyppa, Carol dePelecyn, Andrew Binkley, Tess Martin, Barbara Robertson, Betty Jo Costanzo, Michael Lasater, Rodrigo Valenzuela, Stephen Sewell.