calling all seattleites to give new mayor your suggestions

Thanks to Great City/Cheryl dos Remedios for forwarding the following info:

As Mike McGinn transitions into the office of Seattle’s Mayor, he is inviting us all to be involved in this civic process by answering three questions.

1. How do we build the strongest possible team to achieve the policy objectives and values set forth by the campaign (grass roots community involvement, transparency and neighborhood focus)?

2. How do we build public trust in the new administration?

3. What do you view as the incoming administration and the city’s greatest challenge – what should we do first out of the gate?

These questions are intentionally open ended. Please feel free to focus your answers on the arts, heritage, culture, tourism, education or any other issues that are of particular importance to you.

Great City has put together a form where you can enter your answers. You can access it here.

This page also links you to a video of Mayor-Elect McGinn talking about the transition.

Forms must be completed by Sunday, November 22 at 6pm.

We are trying to reach out to as many people as possible. If you know of others who might like to participate, please feel free to forward this information. And if there are any questions about this process, please email me at or call me at 206.437.8357.