Celebrate 100 years of Japanese-American Newspapers


The North American Times, later called the North American Post, was founded right here in Seattle’s International District in 1902. Today it remains the largest and oldest Japanese-language newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. After three and a half years of collaborative effort the Hokubei Hochi foundation has created a digital archive containing over 100 years of newspapers, giving an important glimpse into the lives of those in local Nikkei (Japanese-American) community. Officially called the Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive, it will be accessible to the public through a new website hosted by the University of Washington Libraries.

HHF_2012HCC_01To celebrate this incredible resource, and the work required to make it possible, the Hokubei Hochi foundation is hosting a free community reception with complementary parking and refreshments at the newly-reopened Nagomi Teahouse. A panel will discuss the archiving process and the history of the local Japanese-American community, starting with the Issei and Nisei (first and second-generation Japanese Americans).

Public Unveiling of the Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive
Monday, June 8, 2015 | 6:30-8:00 PM
Nagomi Tea House
519 6th Ave S Seattle, WA 98104