CINDERELLA – An Egyptian Story

Cinderella, An Egyptian Story

Cinderella, An Egyptian Story

Cultural Dance Theater for All Ages!

The eastern roots of a western tale revealed: award winning dancers, storytellers, and live Arabic music

Angle Lake Park, SeaTac
Saturday, August 3rd
7:00 PM

The ancient Egyptian version of Cinderella, recorded by Roman historian Strabo in the first century BC, features Cinderella as a Greek slave girl taunted by Arab servant girls. Touring Arts Roster’s Suzanna Davis (Middle Eastern Music & Dance with Suzanna and Friends) has scripted this story into a dynamic dance theater stage adaptation portraying the modern de facto slavery faced by uneducated women from the poorest socio-economic sectors.

Cinderella is a maid introduced by her new master to her sassy co-workers, who pretend to be welcoming, only to isolate, bully, and intimidate her into doing all the work. To console herself, Cinderella dances with animals, plants, and spirits. The master, inspired by what he sees, makes her a pair of “magic” dance shoes. A large falcon suddenly swoops in with a last-minute invitation to the Prince’s gala in Cairo. The sassy maids quickly round up their best dresses and attempt to sneak away to the gala in hopes of capturing the attention of a potential husband. The master demands they return to their duties, only to end up on the boat with them as it departs. Cinderella remains with her beautiful magic shoes, abandoned and confused; consoled slightly by the dancing animals, plants, and spirits. Taking advantage of this distraction, the mischievous falcon returns and carries away one of her new magic shoes, flying all the way to Cairo and dropping it before the Prince at the height of his gala. Convinced this is a sign from the gods that the shoe must belong to his future queen, the Prince abruptly launches his quest to find the mysterious maiden with the matching magic shoe. Each stop throughout various ports and towns unveils an array of delightful performances.

Will the Prince find his Dancing Queen? Bring a blanket and refreshments to Angle Lake Park on Saturday to find out!

This premier performance, backed by the exquisite live music of House of Tarab, features interactive narration by Cara Anderson-Ahrens, and is brought to life by Alimah as Cinderella (doubling as violinist), Nalini & Blue Lotus, Janelle Bel Isle, and other delightful surprises TBA.