citizen-to-citizen diplomacy through the arts

july_poster_showNews from a 2009 4Culture Individual Artist Projects Recipient

The Seattle-Moscow Poster Show will be the third in a series of cross-cultural exhibitions highlighting graphic artists from the city of Seattle alongside those from the capitols of nations often at odds politically with the United States including Iran, Cuba and Russia.

Curator and 2009 4Culture Individual Artist Projects recipient, Daniel Smith believes that focusing on the poster as cultural expression, this series has united cities through thoughtful exchanges of contemporary design work shared with the public. His goal for these exhibits is to break down stereotypes on either side and encourage simple acts of citizen-to-citizen diplomacy through the arts.

You can see this great collection of nearly 50 posters, half from each city, sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theater and contemporary art at this year’s Bumbershoot arts festival.

Smith shares that Moscow artists will range from established designers to younger talents inspired primarily by street art and graffiti like Sicksystems and Mainstreamers. Russian posters will be paired with the work of well-known Seattle designers plus a host of younger designers who are experimenting in the wide-open medium of rock posters.

After Bumbershoot, selections from the exhibit will be exhibited elsewhere in Seattle between September and November, 2009. Daniel hopes to send the exhibition to Moscow in 2010.

image: © courtesy of the artist