cold? making art in antarctica, that's cold

You are invited to Individual Artist Project recipient, Anna McKee‘s launch of  an exhibition and two exciting presentations about her work in Antarctica.

Anna McKee
In Search of Messages: A Journey Through Ice Landscapes
November 19, 2010 – 6-8pm
Gage Academy, 1501 10th Ave. E, Seattle Third Floor

Anna McKee began an investigation into glacial landscapes to follow a thread in her work concerned with memory in the land. This inquiry led her to draw ice cores in freezers, hike to Northwest glaciers and travel to Antarctica on a National Science Foundation Artist and Writers Program grant to experience the scale of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and to witness scientists collecting a two-mile ice core, recovering atmosphere more than 150,000 years old. Cynthia Camlin will also talk about her work with icescapes, particularly how their fluctuation can serve as contemporary barometers of our shifting climate.

Anna McKee & Eric Steig
Deep in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet
November 20, 2010 – 2 pm
Greenwood Branch, Seattle Public Library: 8016 Greenwood Ave N.

Anna McKee traveled to Antarctica and  glaciers in the Pacific Northwest to create a series of artworks about ice bound landscapes. She visited the WAIS Divide Ice Core Project and worked with several distinguished climate scientists, including Eric Steig, who will be on hand to talk about ice core science and recent discoveries in the science of climate change.Following the presentation, join McKee for walk through her Deep Ice, Deep Time Exhibition Francine Seders Gallery, 6701 Greenwood Ave N.