Come boating with Clyde

Clyde Petersen © 2013
Clyde Petersen © 2013
Clyde Petersen © 2013
Clyde Petersen © 2013

Clyde Petersen
Boating with Clyde
September 5 – 26
Opening: First Thursday, September 5, 6-8 PM

Boating with Clyde is a multimedia installation that transforms Gallery4Culture into the Lake Washington Arboretum. The cardboard installation provides a lush setting for a unique nautical adventure film series, Boating with Clyde, a creation of Seattle-based filmmaker and musician Clyde Petersen.

The exhibition includes a reprogrammed Billy the Big Mouth Bass with hand-made fish “couture”, but central to the exhibition is a documentary film – one hour long and looping – that presents twenty three-minute vignettes featuring regional indie, punk and folk musicians, scientists and authors, musing on topics of science and culture and playing their songs. Sometimes nestled in a shady lily-padded inlet, or rowing his subjects in his homemade dinghy, Clyde Petersen’s films and installation capture a forward-looking melding of music, philosophy and storytelling.

These performances are paired with homemade puppet shows starring a cast of underwater news anchorfish, reporting on KARP TV News, “news from deep in the blues.” Boating with Clyde is a candid glimpse into the NW independent music scene, unfolded, not in some dark bar or damp basement, but bobbing on sun-deckled waves in Seattle’s beautiful Lake Washington Arboretum.

About Clyde Peterson: Clyde Petersen is an indie animator and musician. Since 2001, his band Your Heart Breaks has toured the world. In 2005, Clyde Petersen launched his production company, Do it for the girls productions, creating animated music videos, building websites, managing bands, and designing CD art. He is a member of S.E.A.T. (Seattle Experimental Animation Team) and, while skilled in hi-tech methods, embraces a lo-tech, Do-It-Yourself approach.

Clyde is a committed teacher and mentor and is the Technical Director for the nonprofit REEL Grrls. He graduated from Fairhaven College in Bellingham in 2001. His art has been supported through a City Arts Grant and 4Culture Individual Project Funding. Petersen is transgender and he is an ardent activist for the LGBTQ community, often making art in collaboration and featuring members of the local queer community. Boating with Clyde episodes (now in their 3rd season) can also be watched online.