"come in we're closed"

come-in-we're-closed-16Detail from Come In We’re Closed, a street installation by Patrick Martinez.
2010 mixed media on acrylic plex, neon, sign painting and vacant store

Via Wooster Collective:

From Patrick:

Another day without a dollar.

Many small independent mom and pop businesses have been closing up left and right all across the United States. All that is left behind is a cold empty vacant space. Martinez utilizes the space to engage the viewer or passer by on the street with a colorful visual dialog and touching on what people are going through finically during the current recession. Painting portraits of his own parents and placing the words ” trying to make a dollar out of 14 (16) cents.” over the paintings in bright saturated neon letters. Remixing typical Los Angeles neon signs and introducing the traditional painting element into the mix.

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