Community4Culture Takes Off

We are a group of artists and community members who support the arts. After years of struggle to carve out space for Latino artists within existing cultural communities, we decided to create a new, welcoming venue that especially showcases the creativity of Latino artists, writers and musicians. Photo courtesy of Studio Lazo.
Studio Lazo is a group of artists and community members working to create a welcoming venue to showcase the creativity of Latino artists, writers, and musicians. Photo courtesy of Studio Lazo.

What would it look like to be able to truly support all of King County?

We’re extending our existing equity work through a new grant program called Community 4Culture that sets aside funds to go directly to organizations that do vital cultural work but, due to geographic, income, and other disparities, have been historically underserved.

This presents many challenges, and we quickly realized it would require a great deal of learning and listening on our part. Rather than asking these organizations, all of which are dealing with small staffs and budgets, to conform to our processes and procedures, how do we instead adapt those processes to the needs of our community? How do we build the organizational knowledge and skills we need to be able to effectively serve these cultural doers?

It has been and will continue to be on ongoing process, but we are proud to announce that the first round of Community4Culture recipients has been selected! They come from all over King County, work in many different cultural disciplines, and serve diverse communities:

JHP Cultural and Diversity Legacy
Indigenouz PlaceMakerz
Studio Lazo
Total Experience Gospel Choir
Ewajo Collective
Latino Theatre Projects
Great Northern and Cascade Railway

We’re excited to move forward in collaboration with each of these organizations. Community4Culture is not a “one size fits all” grant—it’s based on ongoing capacity-building. If you think this grant may be a fit for your organization, learn more about it here, and don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.