Congratulations to Tech Specific Recipients!

Photo courtesy of the Africatown Center for Education and Innovation.

Our long-running Site Specific program went tech in 2015, and with its second round of funding taking place in late 2016, we’re more convinced than ever: King County is fascinated with the intersection of art and technology. We received applications from artists, designers, fabricators, engineers, developers, media-producers, and more, working on a huge range of projects, and we’re proud to be able to award more than $150,000 to 25 of them. See the full list below, and stay connected with us here and on social media to learn more about the projects as they take shape!

Africatown Center for Education and Innovation, The Africatown International
An interactive online class with global tech partners in Gambia, West Africa.

ArtsWest, AutoCad: Drafting and Beyond
Purchase of AutoCad computer software program to draft models of scenic a designs.

Mollie Bryan, Lusio Series 2017
A series of light art events set in Volunteer Park, Kabuto Gardens, and Seattle Center

City of Shoreline, Augmented Nature
To develop new platforms for the display and experience of augmented reality both indoors (City Hall) and in urban forest parks.

Scott Crawford, ION2+
An interactive kinetic installation designed to engage with the environment and the public through a reflective, responsive interface.

Degenerate Art Ensemble, Red Shoes VR
Collaboration with virtual reality company Mechanical Dreams to create an immersive video/performance experience based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of The Red Shoes.

Kaley Lane Eaton, Lily of the Valley
A multimedia experience for string quartet, electronic body sensors, electric harp, video projection, poetry, and dance, tells one orphan girl’s story of immigrating to the Pacific NW.

Elevator Corridor, A festival of sound, light, and movement
12 musicians, 7 visual artists, and 4 dancers celebrate winter with immersive music and art.

Neely Goniodsky, The Kids – Interactive Video Installation
An interactive video installation reflecting a sense of suburban boredom and loneliness based on poem by Canon Parker “The Kids”.

Katherine Groesbeck, not a quiet place but a place in a long period of quiet
A trembling overhead paper topography moves in response to the sonified impulse responses of recent high magnitude earthquakes recorded in the NW.

Hot Bit Soup LLC, Mind At Large
Objects are embedded into a haptic feedback virtual reality art installation that includes tangible and virtual objects to interact with.

Interstitial Lattice Projection Conglomerate by MSHR
A multimedia installation by MSHR in the Georgetown gallery with musical performances and instrument building workshops facilitated by the artists.

Jack Straw Cultural Center, 2017 New Media Gallery Installations and Residences
Creation and presentation of three new multidisciplinary and technology based gallery installations.

Nicole Kistler, Illuminated Ghosts
The artist and her team will project the image of an old growth forest on the grain terminal (silos) at Pier 86 for a period of 2-4 months as proof of concept for an ongoing series of illuminated projections on the terminal.

Robert Kunz, Seattle in Progress with Progressions
Five short compositions dealing with major events in Seattle’s history. An elaborate sound architecture will be designed and constructed to reinforce the performances with voices and instruments relayed through an array of large kinetic speakers.

Domonique Meeks, Soul of Seattle (Season 2)
A documentary that examines past, present and future innovation in Seattle’s Central District and South End Neighborhoods that aims to spark inter-generational conversations between entrepreneurs of color utilizing technology to push sustainability and innovation.

Northwest Art Center, Duvall Makers Society – Gadgeteers Club – Young Innovators -Maker Faire Exhibit
This project exposes youth and adults to new technology and art materials with which to innovate, challenge creative and critical thinking skills and exhibit their works in a mini-maker faire exhibit.

Now Here This, Glowing Reminders
Interactive installations exploring the social phenomenon of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

On the Boards, On the Boards Online Masterclasses
Digital masterclasses distributed through to provide education in contemporary performance.

Emily Pothast, LISTEN: It’s a Sound Show
A one-night exhibition combining music, oral history, spoken word performance, sound-based objects and installations to activate an immersive, embodied, and politicized listening environment.

Yoo Sangjun, NIGHT CLOUD
Performance installation choreographing dance within an artificially induced cloud environment.

Third Place Technologies, The Wondering Woods (Luminous Garden II)
A collaborative installation at the Electric Sky festival in Skykomish with sensing, interactive flora and fauna that evoke an awareness of the forest as a living being with emergent consciousness.

Timea Tihanyi, Porcelain Studio: From digital design to slipcast ceramic sculpture
Ceramic LDM 3D printer, slip mixer, and test kiln for a ceramic studio and research hub specializing in slipcast porcelain. The process will expand this knowledge to other practitioners and to the general public in the Pacific NW.

VALA Eastside, Game On! Video Games Designed by Women
This exhibition will showcase the artwork created throughout the creative process of video game design with a focus on female game artists from the Seattle area.

zoe/juniper, zoe | juniper 360
A 3D dance-art video and free community viewing event.