cultural geography lesson

June 1 @ 5.30-7pm

Simpson Center, UW Communications Building Suite 202/204

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Join 4Culture and UW Geography students to explore the past, present and future of three King County transit corridors – via brief presentations and conversation. Through a creative partnership with UW, eight Honors students in the Cultural Geography program have spent two quarters researching the first three of Metro’s bus rapid transit corridors in King County: Tukwila to Federal Way, Bellevue to Redmond and West Seattle to Downtown Seattle. Their research has resulted in a series  of “cultural geographies” that turn lines on a map into a lens through which to further explore the meaning of these places.

This project has been an exciting opportunity for both the students and 4Culture. The students have been able to apply their academic work to creating valuable and unique public resources and 4Culture staff will be able to use and share their research with artists working on future public projects. An online repository of the students’ research and resources will be available this summer.

Come hear the students’ wide range of topics that include: transportation and the American narrative regarding “the road,” shifting understandings of “natural resources,” and multiple approaches to accessing community identity.  Learn about their various methodologies from archival research to interviews, and demographic map-making to neighborhood mental mapping.  Stay after for a reception and to share your feedback with the students.

© 4Culture, Concept map of select student research topics