Dakota Gearhart and Ellen Dicola on e4c

Ellen Dicola, Arborealis, Video still, Courtesy of the Artist
Ellen Dicola, Arborealis, Video still, Courtesy of the Artist

4Culture is pleased to feature work by Dakota Gearhart and Ellen Dicola on e4c beginning in February. Their selected videos will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

Dakota Gearhart’s Odes To Me is a way to encourage others to experience ordinary subjects in extraordinary ways. To achieve this type of sensation she has digitally manipulated her own singing voice and combined it with footage of a fish gazing through aquarium glass at her camera. Gearhart writes, “For me, this pairing of sound and image in video format is a visual experiment, one that explores the roles of vulnerability and voyeurism in how an individual relates to a group, and in addition, the emotional distance between species, class, kingdom, and the other.”

Dakota Gearhart, also known as Tiffany Peters and Tiff Mich, was born in Arizona and raised in Florida. Her work has been shown nationally and internationally, and was recently published in “Intimate Landscapes” by Open to Interpretation Books.  She received her B.F.A. from Florida State University and is currently a M.F.A. candidate at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Ellen Dicola’s Arborealis is a short video about the Arctic Circle made from a montage of found Aurora Borealis images, superimposed with the artist’s own footage of vapor clouds. Audio composition is sampled from ghost trains and wind chimes. Dicola states that Arborealis is “a visual extension of a text project involving myth, magic and the investigation of belief as a medium shaping our perception of form.”

Ellen Dicola is a media artist and writer who currently resides in Seattle. She has presented exhibitions, performances and screenings across the United States. She often collaborates with other artists to create multi-media, performances. Dicola received her B.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design and a M.F.A. in Sculpture and New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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