e4c in november: valenzuela & sewell

e4c is proud to launch two videos by Seattle-based artists Rodrigo Valenzuela and two by Stephen Sewell on e4c this November 3rd. Each video will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.


e4c, 4Culture’s storefront gallery for digital art, will show Rodrigo Valenzuela’s One Day and Bird Noise. One Day has a stuttering, stop-motion animation feel with images of two dogs playfully wrestling. The slow progression of play seems aggressive and violent.

In his video Bird Noise, clusters of birds vibrate and escalate in quantity and sound. Valenzuela writes about his work, “I use video and photography as a tool to capture and articulate images. Within this two-dimensional realm, the roles of space, characters and environment are interdependent. My pieces are brief descriptions of the moment and action from which phenomena unfolds. I am interested in this transitional zone between stillness and motion; between the purely pictorial and the cinematic. I often use digital interventions to play with the codes of representation; the narrative models are manipulated to affect the viewer’s sense of logic and reality. By modifying the pace of a video’s sequence, mood and atmosphere are also transformed.”

Seattle-based Rodrigo Valenzuela has been exhibiting his photographic and video work widely in his native Chile and throughout the Northwest. He studied photography and art history at The University of Chile in Santiago, holds a BFA in philosophy and art from The Evergreen State College in Olympia and is working towards the completion of a MFA in photo media from the University of Washington in Seattle.

Attempting to pull a rug out from under myself and Shuffling a deck of cards with one hand are two videos created by artist, Stephen Sewell, which are part of his ongoing work related to engaging in improbable actions. He writes, “Both videos are explorations of subversions and how its intentions are linked to self-destruction and failure. Through my work I explore this by attempting to undercut myself. In doing this I am simultaneously engaged in the act of wanting and not wanting to succeed. The resulting irony of the works questions the intentions and consequences of subversion.”

Seattle-based artist Stephen Sewell is an emerging artist who has presented work in Michigan, New York, and Seattle. He has a BFA in photography from Northern Michigan University in Marquette and is pursuing an MFA in interdisciplinary visual arts at the University of Washington in Seattle.

These works will join the ongoing rotation of pieces by other selected artists for e4c including: Anna Norton, Ben Houge, Brit Bunkley, Britta Johnson, Drew Christie, Eduardo Calderon, Evertt Beidler, Jonathan Monaghan, Joseph Farbrook, Julie Alpert & Andy Arkley, Miguel Jara, Piper O’Neill, Scott Shuldt, Tony Buchen & Jazzmean Goodwin and Longhouse Media.

e4c has received generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts and in-kind assistance from Mind Opera.