everybody in

News from 4Culture Heritage Special Projects recipient

The Rainier Valley Historical Society (RVHS) has recently completed a project researching and documenting the history of community activism in the Rainier Valley. The project is called “Everybody In” and traces the roots of the valley’s current community issues and organizations back to the 1970s. Mikala Woodward worked with local writer and community activist John Hoole to cull through information at local repositories and materials donated by Rodney Herold, co-founder of SESCO (South End Seattle Community Organization), for the project. They also recorded oral history interviews with activists, government officials and other participants in the events of the era. These materials can be accessed through the RVHS’s collection and individual stories are available online at www.rainiervalleyhistory.org/WhatWeDo.

Image: Arther Harvey, SESCO board member, and Donna Ahearn, citizen activist, at SESCO Convention in Columbia City © 1985, image courtesy of Rainier Valley Historical Society.

This blog post was edited Sept. 7th.