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You will have noticed by now that Blog4Culture has a fresh new design. We’ve revisited both the look and the functionality of the blog with an eye to getting the reader more quickly and intuitively to the content they want to see. We’ve also simplified and updated our enews to read more clearly on mobile devices as well as on your computer. Let us know what you think.

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Some of you follow us on Facebook – we’d love to see more of you in the house. On our 4Culture Facebook page we post reminders, events, links to the blog and general goodness. We welcome posts on our wall from the cultural community that share what’s happening in Arts, Heritage, Preservation and Public Art in the county, and projects generated by those who live here. Have you received a grant from us? Project funding? Our project managers love to hear your good news but we encourage you to post it on Facebook as well.

Have you discovered the info-stream that is Twitter? Some folks find Twitter overwhelming but really, it’s just conversation, community and links to things you might want to know about, 140 characters at a time. That’s bite-size. We have two Twitter streams where we tweet about our programs, share links of interest, make friends and converse with our folks. If you’re looking for an update about what we had for lunch you won’t find it on either stream, but if you want to discover what all the fuss is about or if you are already on Twitter, follow us up. Come on in, the water’s fine.

@4Culture (Arts, Heritage, Preservation and Public Art content) and @pa4culture (Public Art’s stream that features design, technology, architecture and public art).


Twitter illustration by Philip E. Pascuzzo, 2010


Have you heard of  Tumblr? This micro blogging site has hosted Public Art’s informal studio blog for the last year or so – what’s new, what’s in process, things we’ve been thinking or talking about. We will maintain the Tumblr site for the next quarter and may then move such content over to our other sites. In the meantime, check out our current and archived posts, and if you are on Tumblr give us a follow. You never know, we might be encouraged and stick around on this platform.

And finally, let us speak of Google+. Though we admire its circles, its clean design and its lack of overt advertising we are holding steady with the social media we already have going. Are you committed to Google+? Do you think we should build a page and presence there? Let us know, our outreach is always evolving.

Of course, if you don’t hold with things digital (or even if you do) you can always find us in the office. Visit Gallery4Culture and watch the e4c screens, browse our resource room, help yourself to the brochures and cards at the front entrance and say hello to staff.

101 Prefontaine Place South in Pioneer Square is an especially robust platform, and it’s not going anywhere.