Flo Lentz Receives Maritime Hero Award

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Flo Lentz © 4Culture 2013
Flo Lentz © 4Culture 2013

In the opinion of Northwest Seaport, AND 4Culture thank you very much, Flo Lentz is indeed a model preservationist. At a May 30th reception, Northwest Seaport presented Flo with the Maritime Heritage Hero Award for being instrumental in the facilitation of the Maritime Heritage Initiative. Shannon Fitzgerald, Northwest Seaport Board President, stated, “Flo’s tireless efforts to promote maritime heritage and to foster congeniality among the disparate groups was key to the Maritime Heritage Initiative.” Through that initiative, Flo led the effort to establish the Maritime Heritage Task Force, whose membership included city and county elected, federal officials, maritime industry leaders, and reps from maritime heritage groups in Seattle. These efforts helped to bring national attention to Washington’s significant maritime history and the potential recognition of a Maritime National Heritage area in Western Washington.

As lead staff for Preservation 4Culture, Flo manages funding programs that support the rehabilitation of landmark properties, partners for advocacy on local preservation issues and promotes heritage tourism. Before joining 4Culture in 2003, Flo’s career in the preservation field included work at the national, state, and local levels. If you want to learn more about our “Hero” Flo and the good work she does here on a daily basis, visit www.4culture.org/preservation.

Post updated 6/4/2013