from the director: thanks for volunteering!


Members of 4Culture's Board of Directors, photographed by Youth in Focus's Kari C. and Duy H.

Every arts and heritage organization relies on dedicated, willing volunteers for a host of tasks that are essential to fulfilling the mission of the organization they serve.

This message is a “THANK YOU” to all of those people who quietly toil to bring cultural experiences to life.

You are Board members, ushers, docents.   If you volunteer with a small arts or heritage organization, you may entirely run the organization.  You are tutors, art instructors, heritage exhibit designers, community choruses.  You are marketing and development interns, errand runners, work party volunteers.

In the case of 4Culture, you are the fifteen members of our Board of Directors; the thirty one members of our four standing advisory committees; the scores of jurors who serve on funding panels and dozens of panelists who help us select artists for opportunities such as Gallery4Culture exhibits, e4c, the Public Art Artist Registry, the Touring Arts Roster and Site Specific performances.


Those of you who serve as panelists for our funding programs do receive an honorarium to compensate you for your time, so I suppose you are not technically volunteers, but it is only an honorarium, which doesn’t begin to adequately cover the work you do to prepare for and participate in a panel.  4Culture receives more than a thousand applications every year in all of our program areas.   You read, evaluate and discuss every application with your fellow panelists.  Depending on the program, you spend a day or two or three in a windowless conference room, after spending a couple of weeks’ of solitary preparation during which you read all the applications and do preliminary assessments of each.   Believe me, we know you don’t do it for the honorarium, but in the spirit of service, for which we are eternally grateful.

So as we enter the season of glad tidings, 4Culture thanks all of you and acknowledges your contribution to the health and vitality of our community

We couldn’t survive without you.

Jim Kelly