Gallery4Culture Artists Selected

Dave Kennedy, Straights, Fags, Squares, Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks and Kools, C print, 2011, Courtesy of the artist
Straights, Fags, Squares, Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks and Kools, Dave Kennedy, C print, 2011, Courtesy of the artist

Eleven proposals awarded shows for the season running September 2013 through August 2014

 Dave Kennedy, Straights, Fags, Squares, Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks and Kools, C print, 2011, Courtesy of the artist
Dave Kennedy: Straights, Fags, Squares, Gaspars, Dugans, Jacks and Kools. C print, 2011, Courtesy of the artist

Laura Castellanos is best known for huge colorful canvases of playful cartoon-like characters. She will present her current direction: a massive collection of handmade, cloth dolls.

Robin Crookall constructs small-scale dioramas that evoke the rarefied environment of the natural history museum. She documents them with a large format camera and presents the scenes as large-scale photographic prints.

John Feodorov, in light of the Navajo creation myth that one world’s destruction is another’s creation, explores the potential of transforming present day environmental catastrophes into future mythologies. Feodorov belongs to the Navajo (Diné) Nation.

Jenny Fillius constructs colorful, complex assemblages from repurposed tin. Her work, though generally upbeat, references all of  Fillius’ life experience, including a recent brush with mortality.

Ronald Hall paints socially charged imagery that melds key figures and episodes from Black history with present day African American experience. Resemblances to the past are uncanny and the message is powerful.

Mark Kang-O’Higgins is an artist firmly rooted in the figurative tradition. He presents large-scale paintings depicting people in crisis; individuals facing some watershed moment in their life’s trajectory.

Dave Kennedy is a photomedia artist currently completing his MFA at the University of Washington. His interest centers on the narrative, re-contextualizing occurrences into allegories and personifications. His gallery exhibition will be on the theme of desire.

Scott Kolbo constructs hybrid installations that smartly combine video projection, animation and sound with traditional drawing. His most recent exploration focuses on how social and political problems impact the lives of children.

Gustavo Martinez, grappling with a reemerging concern, presents a body of site-integrated sculptures that explore the elemental subject of how individuals around the world have transported and stored water throughout history.

Clyde Petersen “Boating with Clyde” is an elaborate installation that transforms the gallery into a make believe (cardboard) arboretum. Projected on the wall will be videos of assorted Northwest musicians performing and discussing science (and music) while boating in Lake Washington with Clyde in his homemade dinghy.

Seattle Experimental Animation Team is a collective of local animators who collaborate on projects both within the film-making and visual arts communities. The intent of their installation-based projects is to stretch the limits of animation and widen its audience. SEAT artists include Salise Hughes, Webster Crowell, Stefan Gruber, Tess Martin and Timothy Firth, among others.



For this 2013/2014 cycle of shows, studio artist Marita Dingus (Auburn), arts administrator Maija McKnight (City of Auburn) and studio artist Jeffry Mitchell (Seattle) served as panelists. They reviewed 115 applications from which they selected 11 exhibitions to run from September 2013 through August 2014.