Going Green – New Art Installed in Bothell

2011, Workers install Christian Moeller's Verdi at Bothell Pump Station. Photos courtesy of King County Wastewater Treatment Division by David Freed.

King County’s Wastewater Treatment Division and 4Culture are proud to announce the latest installation of public art for Brightwater.

Christian Moeller’s Verdi, a 65-foot sculptural tower at the Influent Pump Station in Bothell, ingeniously encloses the pump station’s odor control stack while educating people about the environmental mission of King County’s clean-water utility. Moeller is known for public artwork that is smart and elegant. His artwork often employs a simple material palette and always delivers an unforgettable experience when encountered. Verdi is composed of more than 3,500 repurposed green glass water bottles.

In developing his work for Brightwater, Moeller considered the political and economic structure of water resources fueling a world-wide demand for designer water.  This “growing market for bottled water has exploded and hundreds of companies find themselves in competition, selling us a product that on deeper thought should be freely accessible to all,” states the artist.

The bottle tower also references community water towers, which are often a small town’s most prominent feature as well as a source of civic identity and pride.

The Brightwater Pump Station is located at the Bothell Business Park’s entrance at the intersection of N.E. 195th and North Creek Parkway in Bothell.  The facility will open to the public in the spring. Blog4Culture will announce details about the dedication ceremony and official lighting of the tower.