Creative Consultancies

Creative Consultancies

City of Bothell

District 1

The Bothell Arts Commission is looking to a creative consultant to implement its forthcoming new cultural plan.

Project Description

Bothell is a thriving riverfront community 15 miles north of Seattle. Founded as a logging community in the 1880’s, Bothell straddles two counties in the Seattle metropolitan area, King and Snohomish. Bothell is located between the wine country of Woodinville and the City of Kenmore. With about 45,000 residents, Bothell is a regional employment center with two business parks, Canyon Park and North Creek, home to nine bio-technology companies and eight of the ten hotels that caters to a business clientele. Bothell is also home to award-winning educational institutions from kindergarten through college, notably, Northshore School District, Cascadia College and the University of Washington, Bothell.

This livable, walkable co-mingling of students and residents is attracting unique restaurants and shops for a vibrant downtown. Main Street, which sits in King County, is the heartbeat of the community. The historic street was recently rebuilt and enhanced with outdoor dining spaces, wide sidewalks, a mid-block crosswalk and more. The nearby Multiway Boulevard provides connections from the newer downtown developments to Main Street. It’s an easy walk from Main Street along Beardslee Boulevard to the college campuses. The Historical Museum sits along the Sammamish River in the Park at Bothell Landing, also offering convenient access to the Sammamish River and Burke Gilman trails. The historic McMenamin’s Anderson School hotel, swimming pool, restaurants, and brewery is also downtown. Local artists created one-of-a-kind portraits of Anderson School alumni and some of the more colorful residents of Bothell.

In 2009, Bothell City Council created a one-percent for art program from city-owned capital improvement projects. City Council then created a seven-member Bothell Arts Commission (BAC) in 2017 to advise Council on the allocation of the one-percent for art funding, promote fundraising for the arts and culture, and promote arts and culture in the community. Provided with no programmatic funding in their first year and 30% city staffing, BAC was faced with the challenge of determining where and how best to focus their energies moving forward. Turning to the Creative Consultancies program for direction, a grant was received to hire consultant and certified facilitator Una McAlinden to lead a series of community stakeholder meetings culminating in a written Cultural Plan. The first stakeholder meeting is set to kick-off in July, 2019, with three to four subsequent sessions planned in the fall. These sessions and the Cultural Plan will be completed by December, 2019.

BAC is requesting support to implement the plan once it’s completed. To ensure that the plan is not shelved, BAC is looking to a creative consultant with experience leading a team in the creation of a documented plan with action items to assist in implementation, communication, monitoring, and evaluating the progress. It is anticipated that this will require regular sessions with BAC and a team of key participants from the community stakeholder sessions to identify and capture the progress to maintain momentum. Developing regular reporting strategies to keep city council informed and the community engaged will be keys to success. It is anticipated that this will require approximately six months once the plan is completed in December.

The community stakeholder meetings are set to begin this month and will include representatives from the two colleges and the Northshore School District, the executive directors and their board members from the Northshore Schools Foundation, The Bothell/Kenmore Chamber of Commerce, Bothell City staff and Councilmembers, downtown building owners and businesses, representatives of local arts organizations, and the historical museum will be invited to engage in the planning process. The implementation of the plan will include BAC and the stakeholder team. The primary contact for this request is the city staff liaison to BAC.