Guest Post: Using Tech Specific Funds, Domonique Meeks Explores the Soul of Seattle

Domonique Meeks received a 2016 Tech Specific grant to produce the second season of his documentary, Soul of Seattle. This project represents a unique intersection of not only tech and art, but brings topics like race, history, business, and more into the mix. We’re excited to see how it evolves and grows with the help of these funds:

I am a storyteller, information scientist, and documentary filmmaker. I co-host a podcast called No Blueprint that gathers stories from cultural ambassadors to discuss how they defy societal norms to pursue their passions. I am also the co-founder of Ambassador Stories, where our mission is to utilize media to highlight the people, places, and spaces that bring soul to our beloved communities.

I am excited to share my documentary series Soul of Seattle Season 2. It will look closely at entrepreneurs of color and their small businesses in the Southend and Central District neighborhoods of Seattle, Washington. We will hear their stories, their missions and what drive them. As our city booms from technology and land prices skyrocket, it is unfortunately a time of changing demographics in many ways including economically and ethnically for many underserved communities. The project will discuss how entrepreneurs and their businesses are responding, and what advice they have for their peers and individuals who follow.

Our hope is with the support of 4Culture and other local entities our story can inspire other filmmakers and entrepreneurs of color to continue to use their passion to create meaningful content.

Tech Specific is open now! Read the guidelines, join us for a workshop, and apply by September 28.