much needed assistance for public art

Public Art is thrilled to welcome an intern and a work study student who will be assisting us with our work in the office and in the field this spring.

Intern Elizabeth Abrahamson is a Junior in the Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program in the School of Art and Community, Environment and Planning in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. Her task will be to help with the collection survey – (12 hrs per wk) during spring quarter, Mar 31 through June 6.

Work study student Mymy Nguyen comes to us from Cornish, where she is in her first year studying Performance Production with an emphasis on costume and set design. She will be assisting with the database in all its glory, as well as with the collection survey as needed. Her tenure is open ended.

We are most grateful for their assistance.

Mymy Nguyen &  Elizabeth Abrahamson © 4Culture